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Questions for Instagram story poll

Guide to Doing an Instagram Story Poll

Instagram stories are a great way to engage your followers and make them feel closer to your brand. These short videos can offer immense insight into the life in the company and the personality of the employees; that’s why it’s vital that you use them for your marketing efforts.

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Girl creating a video about how to post a video on Instagram story

How to Post a Video as an Instagram Story

Any marketer knows that a good Instagram story has the potential to go viral and make the entire campaign a real success. That’s why learning how to utilize stories in the best way possible is key to creating Instagram marketing that genuinely makes a difference for the brand.

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Hand using the Facebook touch by touching the screen

Do You Know What Facebook Touch Is?

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media network in the world, with millions of people having profiles on it and using it to promote their businesses, connect with closed ones and follow all the latest news.

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Ducks following each other in the lake as an metaphor for Instagram followers

How to Get Free Instagram Followers

Getting your brand to be on social media is one of the first things that you have to do in terms of marketing it to the general public. However, starting on Instagram as a new company can be rather difficult. As Instagram has grown to be more and more popular … Read more

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Taking a professional photo with the photo

Create a Professional Photo for Your Website for Free

Images are one of the most powerful marketing tools. They are instrumental in bringing more traffic to your website and driving sales. In fact, even if you have just one photo on your blog or internet page, it’s much more likely to rank on Google than if you have none. … Read more

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The cat and the rooster look at the ball as an example of the Guerrilla marketing

Wondering about Guerrilla Marketing? Here’s 15 Real-World Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Competition among businesses is at an all-time high, with so many brands leveraging digital platforms, especially after the pandemic. Businesses want customers to spend money on their products and services, and as a result, customers receive hundreds of spam emails, text messages, and unwanted phone calls. Customers are so used … Read more

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Can't Comment on Facebook Try These 10 Ways to Fix It

Can’t Comment on Facebook? Try These 10 Ways to Fix It

Picture this: your best friend posts a hilarious picture on her Facebook feed, and you’re stuck because you just can’t comment on Facebook. You’re a good friend and want to get her account engagement up, right? But right after you finish laughing at your own wit and press post, you’re … Read more

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Icon on Social Media for the adding a comments on the post

Posts’ Comments – How to Get More and Boost Engagement

Posts’ comments, and in fact, all of the major social media factors, have become an integral part in marketing, advertising, and accruing an audience. Whether that audience is necessary for your fresh, new small business or you want to progress to influencer status, comments on your social media posts are … Read more

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Photographer with a creative image trying to get More TikTok Likes

How to Gain More TikTok Likes

Nowadays, almost everyone is on TikTok. It has become the leading social media platform for many of us, from young adults and teenagers to brands, celebrities, and budding influencers.  It’s not surprising as TikTok offers all of us an easy way to consume content without having to dedicate much of … Read more

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Creating an Instagram story on the phone

How to use Instagram Stories for promotion

These days social media feels like a personal diary. You see people documenting what they do, the places they visit, what they eat, and whom they meet with. This stream of endless events is crammed into what we call an “Instagram Story” – a second-long video where people share parts … Read more

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