Teacher in a classroom showing kids how to check grammar and spelling

Improve Your Writing: Six Tools to Help You Check Grammar and Spelling in Your Articles

Most people will tell you that writing is a creative process (at least, when it comes to writing articles or copy). However, along with that, writing demonstrates your level of knowledge of the language you’re writing in. It’s expected that a smart, educated professional has to be able to write without making grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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Camera and computer with the photo of food

Five Great Apps to Edit Photo Backgrounds

You don’t have to be an expert in Photoshop to change or add a backg

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Laptop opened for editing pictures for free

The Five Best Apps for Editing Pictures for Free

Just 20 years ago, taking pictures was an entire process. You had to shoot them, then go and get them developed so you could put them in albums or give them to friends and family.

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Man taking video and using video sharing apps

Video Sharing Apps – Let’s Explore!

Video sharing apps have become a normal tool on the internet. Whether for educational purposes or entertainment, sharing videos is essential in getting messages across, depicting something particular to viewers, and allowing for a more interactive online experience. By deciding to include a video about a topic, you are catering to a large portion of the population that is more visually inclined when it comes to learning.

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Girl using TikTok on her phone to find out the benefits of Linktree for TikTok

Why You Need to Use Linktree for TikTok

As an influencer or just as someone who manages social media, you know that your audience is of the utmost importance. Everything you do is designed to attract new audiences while engaging and retaining the ones you currently have. As it happens, most brands and influencers have one social media platform that holds the largest number of followers; for some, that’s Instagram, but for a lot of newer content creators, it’s TikTok.

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Three people talking about salesforce competitors

8 Salesforce Competitors and Alternatives for Small Businesses

In this article, we will go through some of the best Salesforce competitors; let’s get started!

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Girl posing for camera and telling tiktok tips

5 TikToK Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Are you new to TikTok? Do you want to learn how to create better content and hopefully go viral? If yes, then this blog post is just for you.

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Colorfull Keyboard for creative writing jobs

What Is UX Writing? A How-to Guide For Getting Started!

UX writing is exactly what you may suspect. It is the writing involved in the microcopy of apps, digital products, websites, and any other components that users need to navigate a product. Read more to learn about UX writing and why it is a growing profession.

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Friends drinking coffee and chatting in cafe about how to chat for free online

Employee Communication App Alternatives That Let You Chat For Free

Communication apps are the most popular way to talk with your coworkers nowadays. In the office, they serve the purpose of a work-like iMessage, a way to share random thoughts, expert opinions, files, and jokes with your colleagues. With that said, having a good communication app can make life easier at a big corporation; it allows for information to be spread quickly and efficiently while at the same time making it easy to collaborate on files and tasks.

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Girl talking on the phone and using communication app on the laptop

Looking For a Great Communication App? Here are Our Surprising Picks

E-mails continue to play an essential role in the communication between employees, especially in giant corporations. However, in recent years communication apps that enable us to send quick, quirky messages to our coworkers have become more and more popular. In 2020, when the pandemic hit and the home office became our permanent workplace, platforms like Zoom and Teams made it possible for us to continue working together, even remotely.

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