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Woman working on laptop to rise her productivity

Enter Your Productivity Era

We echo Georgi Gospodinov (this year’s International Booker Prizer winner) in his book “Time Shelter” when he says “August is the afternoon of the year”. August is the end of summer, the time when we come back home from vacations, and revisit our goals for the last half of the year.

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Female photographer smiling at camera while photographing businessman in studio for a professional LinkedIn photos

Make the Perfect Professional LinkedIn Photos By Following These Key Tips

Many people tend to underestimate the power of a good photo. That’s a big mistake, as having a great profile picture may change a lot of things for you on LinkedIn. Just like when going to an interview, the first impression you make on all possible connections is through the way you look – how you’re dressed and the expressions you’re making, and on social media, you make that impression through your photo.

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Cheerful recruiter shaking hands after hiring on LinkedIn

Recruiters on LinkedIn: Here Are Some Tips to Make Your Job Easier

Recruiters on LinkedIn don’t have it easy. They are often at the end of professional jokes and there are so many people that it’s hard to find prospective people to hire. Every year, the platform and the people on it go through changes and adapting to that is what will make you a successful recruiter in the long run. In this article, we will be focusing on recruiting with LinkedIn, all the ways to get better at it, and how to make the most of this professional network.

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Logistic shipping worker looking how to export Linkedin contacts

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts

If you’re using LinkedIn for sales or recruiting purposes, it’s likely that you’re spending a ton of time connecting with valuable prospects. At some point, it’s beneficial to gather the contacts of all those people so that you can continue your communication through other sources.

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Woman in glasses thinking if she should cancel LinkedIn premium

Should You Cancel LinkedIn Premium, Or Is It Worth the Money?

Almost every working professional that I know uses the free version of LinkedIn – it’s a great social network for connecting with co-workers, sharing opinions about your job and industry, and potentially finding a new career. However, the free version isn’t the only one available, and many people wonder whether subscribing to one of the premium plans is worth it. In today’s article, we will be discussing whether you should cancel LinkedIn premium and just use the free version, or whether it’s truly worth the money, and you should continue paying in order to get more out of the platform.

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Man looking for someone as a metaphore for LinkedIn people search as

LinkedIn People Search: All the Vital Tips & Tricks

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for some time now, you’ve probably noticed that the LinkedIn people search is not always effective and can even be irrelevant. Why does that happen? Well, because the platform’s algorithm is not the most efficient one. If you want to learn how to reach out to someone on LinkedIn quickly without spending hours on end searching, then this article is for you.

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Woman using laptop to upload a resume to LinkedIn

How To: Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn

Started in 2002, LinkedIn in its early years was similar to a virtual Rolodex – a platform where you could connect with your business connections, co-workers, and other colleagues. Today, approximately 20 years after its launch, LinkedIn has become an extremely powerful professional network and corporate recruitment platform.

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Young Female digital nomad sitting on chaise-longe on sandy beach and working on laptop

What Does It Mean To Be a Digital Nomad, and How Can You Become One?

The pandemic changed the way we think about work forever. Before 2020, everyone considered “work” to be the place where you go every morning from Monday to Friday – an office space where you meet with all your co-workers, and you virtually spend 70% of your life. However, in March 2020, that all changed and a large percentage of the people who worked in offices suddenly got exposed to another way of getting work done – from home.

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Architecture multi ethnic workmates in partnership to design building model maquette. Diverse professional engineer women highfive after success in blueprint plans cooperation

Learning to Leverage Brand Partnerships (Plus the Best Examples We’ve Seen So Far)

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many brand collaborations happening. From fashion brands to retail stores and tech companies, everyone seems to be looking for another brand that fits their target group or a particular product in order to do a co-branded campaign.

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Basketball Mentor Training young boy

The Impact of Business Mentors and Where You Can Find One in Melbourne, Florida

As a business owner, you will often hear that you need this or that, and it’s hard to determine which things you truly need and which are just “good to have.” However, when it comes to needing advice, it’s inevitable that there will come a time when you will want to hear the words of someone who has already had experience in owning a company and can help you out

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