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Group of people looking at their phone for the new business trends

Changing Trends in Business That You Need to Stay Ahead of in 2022!

he pandemic in 2019 turned the economy of the world upside down. Coming face to face with these acute challenges, businesses learned to cope. Hence, newest business trends were born which kept not only the small businesses afloat but also helped larger ones deflect bankruptcy.

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Man climbing in a leadership style

Тop Five Common Leadership Styles and How to Find Your Own

Some people say that leaders are born and not made. While it may be kind of romantic to believe that, it’s actually far from the truth.

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Girl reading best leadership book

What’s the Best Leadership Book You Can Read? Here Are Our Top Eight Picks

Some people say that people are born leaders. That’s true to an extent. Some of the qualities you need as a leader, such as strong will, determination, and willingness to make tough decisions, are things you’re born with. Just think back to when you were in school – there were probably kids who always got picked to be the captain of the soccer team or the president of the class, sometimes, without even trying.

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Lifestyle entrepreneur using laptop in summer nature, outdoor office concept

Tired of Working 9-5? Let’s See How You Can Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Instead

There’s a big chance that you know many young people who already resent their jobs and just want to retire. Nowadays, it feels like all we’re bound to do is just work, and while working is a big part of life, it certainly should never be all of it.

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Man in suit sitting in car with tablet and looking out of window thinkig about LinkedIn benefits

3 LinkedIn Benefits for Working Professionals

LinkedIn is the biggest social network for businesses and working professionals. Currently, it has over 500 million members in more than 200 countries, and its reach is only growing.

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Student holding 4 Dropshipping Books

Five Dropshipping Books Every E-Commerce Manager Should Read

Reading books is one of the best ways to do research on a subject from a verified and trusted source. Unlike online blog posts or videos by influencers, books require a ton of time, effort, and dedication to get published. Furthermore, they offer a way more in-depth analysis of any subject than what you can find from just a quick Google search.

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Dog waiting in front of the house as a metaphor for Dog looking from the hallway as a metaphor for inclusive leadership

The Key to Inclusive Leadership: All You Need to Know

As an employee, have you ever felt left out, unheard or just dissatisfied with decisions being made in the company? If yes, you know that being left out and not included is not pleasant. It slowly turns into disdain for your employer and unwillingness to give your best and participate in significant events.

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Leadership characteristics in the table football game

Six Inclusive Leadership Characteristics and All You Need to Know About Them

What makes people feel included in the workplace? Is it being treated respectfully, being surrounded by great colleagues, or feeling like their work makes a difference? Or maybe it’s a combination of all these things. There are many factors that contribute to a great workplace, including the company’s mission, goals, policies, and the people that work in it.

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Tall buildings as a metaphore for business integrity

Business Integrity – How to Build It and Grow Integrity in Leadership (5 Tips)

If you want to have a long-term, successful company, then business integrity should be at the very top of your research topics.

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Group of people excersising to improve work productivity

18 Ways to Improve Work Performance Within Your Team!

How to be more productive is a question that all of us have asked ourselves. A day of 24 hours has 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds, the same amount that every person out there has.

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