How to Choose the Perfect Pinterest Theme for Your Boards

Pinterest boards are a terrific way to boost your company’s brand awareness and to generate more traffic to your website. That’s because when people go on Pinterest, they’re usually actively looking for something: information, products, or ideas, which automatically means they are potential consumers and buyers.

If your business is not using the power of Pinterest yet, then it’s time to change that. If you’re using it, but haven’t optimized it for marketing purposes, then this article here is your start. Let’s learn how to create Pinterest boards and how to choose the proper theme for them.

What are Pinterest Boards?

As a platform, Pinterest enables you to upload, save, sort, and manage all kinds of photos, images, graphics, and videos into a collection that’s called a board. As a user, you can freely look at and browse other people’s “boards” for things that you find of interest, and you can “Pin them” (basically saving them).

Any user can follow either an entire profile or just one of its boards, which makes Pinterest different from Facebook and Instagram in that regard. Because Pinterest looks so casual, people often miss out on the opportunity to make it look attractive and create boards that introduce a brand to potential customers.

Each one of your boards must have a specific theme or purpose. You can have boards that provide information to others that inspire and introduce your products/services to the audience.

Now that we know what boards are, let’s dive into some specifics.

What Type of Pinterest Themes Should I Choose for My Boards?

While most content on Pinterest wants to look inspirational, the focus should always remain on your business. What does your company do? What makes it stand out? How are you willing to help customers? The answers to those questions should be available in the Pins you post.

Don’t try to be too niche when choosing the themes for your board; instead, use an overarching topic connected to a lot of what your business does. For example, in our case, that would be “marketing tips” – if we wanted, we could break it down into several categories, each with its own board, but that would make finding the board harder and more specific. Instead, you want it to show up every time potential clients look for something related to your industry.

It’s recommended that you have several different boards dedicated to each specific Pinterest theme you’ve chosen. If you are out of ideas on what they could be, you can start with this:

  • Your primary areas of expertise
  • Topics you’re actively blogging about
  • Products/services you offer
  • How Many Pinterest Boards

How Many Pinterest Boards Should You Have?

The limit of boards you can create is 2,000, which sounds a little crazy. It’s perhaps way too many for any business. In the beginning, create boards only on the biggest topics you can cover and the ones that are more likely to be able to lead customers to your website. Depending on your company, it’s a good idea to start with 6-10 boards.

How to Pick the Right Name for the Pinterest Board

Don’t try to be too creative or too clever with the names of your boards. The names often have to be like SEO keywords – they have to be what people are searching for. Use your best keyword phrases so that people can find your boards through search engines as well.

It’s vital that you know that Pinterest boards can rank on standard search engines like Google and Yahoo and not only on Pinterest, and in a way, all SEO strategies you already know apply to them.

Remember, the name of a Pinterest board should be 50 characters or less, and it’s nice for you to keep it short so that it can easily fit onto a screen.

Write a Good Board Description

As already mentioned, keywords matter here too. When writing a description, include all the keywords your target audience might be looking for (that relate to the board) and use all the SEO copywriting tactics you know. A Pinterest board description can be a maximum of 500 characters, and the recommendation is to use several well-written sentences and just a few keywords crammed together.

I would aim for a description of around 200 words – not too long and not too short either.

All About Pinterest Management

If you want to start actively using Pinterest for your advertising campaign and you want to learn more about Pinterest management, then the Camberlion blog is the place you should visit – more tips and information await there.

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