Girl with the headphones working content marketing consulting job

How to Get Started With Content Marketing Consulting: Three Must-Know Tips

Do you have plenty of experience as a marketer? Are you ready to take on new challenges? Is content marketing the one aspect of the industry you enjoy the most? If your answers to all these questions were a resounding yes, then this article is specifically for you.

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Man using computer mouse to look for what is a good ctr strategy

What Is a Good CTR? Let’s Learn Together

In the world of digital marketing, you will hear and read a ton about click-through rate or, as we call it, CTR. Before a new customer can visit your online store and make a purchase, he first must click. It might be on a Facebook ad, a Google search result, or a link in an email. Regardless of what it is, it brings the customer to your website.

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Startup owner opening his coffee shop

Six Effective Ways to Use Content Marketing for Startups

You think you have a terrific business idea that will take the industry by storm. However, you know that there’s a ton of competition out therе, and the task of standing out will be a challenge. So how do you make people notice your business? What kind of advertising tactics should you use so that you can achieve your goals?

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Female football players celebrating their victory

How to Start Email Marketing Campaigns That Bring Success

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to stay connected with your customers. If done right, it can bring you leads, raise brand awareness and help you sell products. Even though social media is the current marketing trend, we tend to forget that we all use our email addresses on a daily basis, even if not for the same reason we scroll through TikTok or watch Instagram stories.

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Girl working on brand advertising

The Fundamentals of Brand Advertising – All You Need to Know

No matter how good your product is or how well you market it, all those efforts alone cannot guarantee your company’s success. In the current marketplace, having great products and services isn’t enough. Advertising them properly is also not enough. Along with all those things, you need to have a memorable, unique brand that captures the attention of customers and inspires a long-lasting relationship.

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Conversion rate effect on woman shopping clothes online

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization So Important?

You might think that online retailers aren’t in need of optimization since customers are simply looking for a specific product within their budget. Essentially, many believe that if someone goes to a retailer’s webpage, that means that they’re already ready and willing to buy something, so the conversion should be easy. However, in most cases, retailers need conversion rate optimization more than many other kinds of online businesses for a lot of reasons, which we will be discussing in this post.

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Woman typing about how to get paid for advertising

Three Ways to Get Paid for Advertising on Your Blog

Nowadays, starting and monetizing a blog is a pretty easy thing to do. Not long ago, you would have to pay thousands of dollars in order to create, set up, and maintain a website. Earning money from it would be an even more complex process.

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Man reading a newpaper and google news top story on laptop

Google News Top Story: How Can You Get There?

Almost everyone I know prefers to get their news coverage from a reliable online platform, where they know they can find the most relevant information for the day. Google News is perhaps the most popular news outlet platform out there and ranking on it is a terrific opportunity for you to reach a new audience, get higher traffic to your website, and increase brand recognition and engagement rates.

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Businesswoman reading marketing research on LinkedIn marketing strategy

Five Tips For Developing a Great LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

many firms still find their presence on the platform beneficial. LinkedIn is particularly valued by firms that operate in the B2B sector and need to attract business professionals as their customers.

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People crossing the pedestrian crossing for TikTok views

How to Get More TikTok Views And Grow Your Account

If you aren’t using TikTok, you are missing out. In the span of just two years, TikTok went from being an app for kids to one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world. As per statistics from September 2021, TikTok has more than 1 billion active users, and that number is steadily growing. We say this just to show how influential TikTok has become and to explain why gaining popularity on the platform can be beneficial both to marketers and to people who aspire to become social media figures.

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