Business woman searching email marketing on her digital tablet

Email Marketing: Camberlion’s 360-Degree Guide

If you don’t know where to start and you want to learn everything possible about email marketing, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will go over everything: email marketing, why you need it, and how to create a campaign from scratch

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Gill setting up autoresponder

Setting up Automated Email Responses: The Three Best Tools

If you’ve just started diving into the world of email marketing, then you’ve probably noticed one thing: There are a TON of terms you need to learn more about, and one of them is the topic of discussion for today – email autoresponder.

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Man shaking hands with female client after successful deal that started with Intro emails

Intro Emails: How to Introduce Yourself Properly

Simply writing intro emails to strangers is easy. But writing emails that actually get a response – well, that’s not an easy task. The typical templates for professional emails will get you nowhere. It’s likely that most members of your target audience have already seen them and won’t be interested in opening another message that’s just like the one they read three minutes ago.

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Female football players celebrating their victory

How to Start Email Marketing Campaigns That Bring Success

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to stay connected with your customers. If done right, it can bring you leads, raise brand awareness and help you sell products. Even though social media is the current marketing trend, we tend to forget that we all use our email addresses on a daily basis, even if not for the same reason we scroll through TikTok or watch Instagram stories.

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Little dog wrapped in a blanket as a metaphor for writing a good cold email

How to Write a Good Cold Email That Will Get a Response

A good cold email should be short, powerful, and intriguing to the audience that it’s aimed at. That’s why each part of the message should be meaningful and communicate a specific point.

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physical mailboxes being used as a metaphor for find an email address for someone

Effective Ways to Find an Email Address for Someone

Gone are the days when the only opportunity to form connections was through showing up at events and shaking hands! It’s 2021 and we have all the tools that we need to connect with people over the Internet. Some may argue that email interactions don’t give you access to vital … Read more

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