Effective Ways to Find an Email Address for Someone

Gone are the days when the only opportunity to form connections was through showing up at events and shaking hands! It’s 2021 and we have all the tools that we need to connect with people over the Internet.

Some may argue that email interactions don’t give you access to vital components that are needed to build stronger bonds. I don’t completely disagree with this, as the ability to make eye contact, observe body language and share dialogue are important but when it comes to businesses or networking, one may not have a platform that allows all that from the get go. Hence, completely giving up on emailing because of these challenges will leave you with no other platform to connect on.

The only problem in our way is the question “How do you find an email address for someone?” Well, with the tips and techniques that we’re about to reveal, you’ll jump right over this hurdle and be on your way to expanding your network like never before. Simply put, are you trying to look up an email address of someone you want to connect or reconnect with? You’ve landed on just the right article.

4 Tested Techniques to Lookup an Email Address

Put On Your Stalking Goggles & Check Out The Person’s Socials

If you have some basic information about the individual you’re trying to connect with, searching for his or her socials will get you a step closer. In today’s day and age, the chances that a person doesn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn are slim.

According to these mind-blowing LinkedIn statistics, the number of signed-up members on the ever-expanding platform is around 740 million! This number includes profiles of over 55 million registered companies.

Let’s talk about Facebook now! In the case of Facebook, I don’t even have to mention statistics. We all know that only a handful of people aren’t signed up there. If you successfully find someone’s profile on Facebook, there is a possibility that he has added his email address to his contact info under the About section.

Twitter is where you gotta be sneaky. If you get the email address in someone’s Twitter profile’s bio – you’re lucky. But don’t be disappointed if it’s not added on there. People may avoid listing their email addresses so publicly to avoid getting their inboxes flooded. The other strategy is to use Twitter’s advanced option!

All you have to do is add in the username of the person’s account and in the field for the word to search for, add ‘email’ or other keywords like ‘contact’ & ‘reach out’. This will search up all the tweets where the individual might’ve given out his email address and if he has – voila! There you have it.

There are high chances that your quest to lookup an email address will end with this step as most people have their email mentioned on their personal social profiles, especially on LinkedIn.

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Find The Person’s Company’s Correct Domain Name

The majority of the time, the domain name of an organization is simple to figure out. If the target works at Microsoft, the first assumption is that his domain name would be ABC@microsoft.com. There are exceptions to this format which can pose a hurdle in our search for an email address but where there is a will, there is most definitely a way.

To identify whether you have the correct domain name, CrunchBase is a lifesaver. The website has information on almost every company there is. It keeps its data updated on recent startups too. If you have the name of the company, you can trust this platform to provide the updated and correct domain name. With the correct domain name, half of the problem is solved. All that’s left is to figure out the former half and this is where the guesswork comes into play.

Guess the Email with Common Patterns

I know it sounds insane but it works which is exactly why this technique made it to our list. If you want to find a name by email address or you have a name and want to figure out his email address, guessing is a good way to start. We can’t call it a wild guess since it’s based on patterns. As per a study conducted at Hunter.io, a website dedicated in searching up emails:

“49.9% of the companies use the “{first}@example.com” email pattern.”

The other 50.1% consists of a number of other patterns that you can try out by mixing up a person’s first and last name or his initials. To illustrate a few common patterns, assume that the person you’re trying to look up is Candice Bowie. Here are a few common patterns she might’ve used:

  • Candice@example.com
  • CBowie@example.com
  • CandiceB@example.com
  • Candice.Bowie@example.com

The guessing game doesn’t stop here. If you cannot verify whether you’ve got the right email, you need to keep searching. Trying out formats is the first step and for the second step, you need the help of an extension. The extension that I use myself is Rapportive. All you need to do is go to their website and download it.

By now, you have all the potential email addresses prepared and the extension in place. Open up your email application and compose a new email message. Try out the potential email addresses by adding them one by one in the recipient section. If any of the email addresses is active, the Rapportive extension will bring a pop-up of his LinkedIn profile on the right side. If that happens, you did it! You can eliminate all the addresses that Rapportive extension didn’t show a result for.

Email Finding Tools

This may be the first time that you’re trying to find an email address for someone, but this practice is fairly common and there are tools just for this purpose that you can use. Prepare to be surprised at how accurate these tools can be. Here is a list of a few that you can try out.

  • Name2email.com
  • Hunters.io
  • Voilanorbert.com
  • Getmail.io
  • Findthat.email
  • Findemails.com

Name2email.com, Voila Norbert & Findemails.com have proven to have a very high success score as per tests conducted by ahrefs.com & whoisvisiting.com.

Even though these email finder tools give promising results and you may find what you’re looking for, at the end of the day – there isn’t a 100% guarantee.

These tools have both free and paid versions. I would advise you to use the free packages first and get familiar with them before committing to the paid alternative. All in all, the tools really are promising and definitely worth a try.

Check out The Person’s Company’s Website

If you know the name of the company the person works at, head to the company’s website and see if they have an employee page. Some small start-ups may list all their employees while others don’t maintain such a page.

Companies also have a page dedicated to employees that hold a strong position in the company. If the person is in a decision-maker position in the company, there is a high possibility that you’ll get the contact information with his email address on the organization’s website.

How do you Find a Name By Email Address?

If you’ve received an email from someone who hasn’t identified themselves but you’re determined to find out who sent it, we’ve got you covered in this case too. We have the email address of the sender so here are a few ways to find a name by email address.

Just as mentioned above, you can use LinkedIn and Facebook for reverse searching the person behind an email address. Facebook has a huge number of users who sign up via email address, which is why there is a chance that the sender might’ve made a profile using the email address. All you have to do is copy the email address and paste it into Facebook’s search bar. If you’re lucky, the person’s profile will pop up!

The other option is to directly use the Google search bar. Search the email address on Google and if that email is used on any forum by the sender, it will show results. Otherwise, Google won’t be able to help either.

Take Away

In the professional world, networking is essential! This doesn’t just stop at forming connections but it also expands to general inquiries or sending out cold emails too. It is as simple as that: if you have access to email addresses and the skill of crafting persuasive emails – the sky’s the limit! With these tips and tricks, you can easily find an email address for someone you’re looking to connect with.

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