Girl creating and branding videos

Six Types of Branding Videos to Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign

Many businesses tend to stay away from creating video content as they feel that the effort that it would take to create a video is not worth the benefits it might bring. However, if you look at it from a consumer’s point of view, video content is a lot more likely to capture your attention and make you interested in a brand in comparison to any other media format. Just look at what TikTok has achieved, thanks to its format.

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Girl working on brand advertising

The Fundamentals of Brand Advertising – All You Need to Know

No matter how good your product is or how well you market it, all those efforts alone cannot guarantee your company’s success. In the current marketplace, having great products and services isn’t enough. Advertising them properly is also not enough. Along with all those things, you need to have a memorable, unique brand that captures the attention of customers and inspires a long-lasting relationship.

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Photo of the canon camera that will be used for creating a watermark

Creating a Watermark: Five Easy Ways

Seeing watermarks on photos is something most people dislike. It can ruin a photo, especially if it’s placed so that it hides an essential part of the picture. However, regardless of whether you love or hate them, having watermarks on your photographs prevents people from sharing your photos online without your consent.

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Dog's paw as a example for the watermark photography

Watermark Photography — Essential Guide

Watermark photography looks irritating but to be honest, it is quite essential in this day and age when digital theft is on the rise. Imagine you are scrolling through Google, hoping to find some images to complement an upcoming project.

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The Essential Guide to Building an Ecommerce Brand

Three Quick Tips to Help Build an Ecommerce Brand

Branding is not just having a logo and it’s not just a good-sounding name. It’s not something meaningless that you just have to come up with for the sake of it. It’s a rarely told truth that branding is not something that can be seen. Good branding is only felt. … Read more

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Color palette for product branding

What is Product Branding and Why Does it Matter for Your Business?

Not too long ago, we thought of branding as the particular design or symbol that a company uses to advertise its products or services. However, this is a significant understatement of what branding is all about, as it’s a lot more than just the visual identity of a business.  That … Read more

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