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Female photographer smiling at camera while photographing businessman in studio for a professional LinkedIn photos

Make the Perfect Professional LinkedIn Photos By Following These Key Tips

Many people tend to underestimate the power of a good photo. That’s a big mistake, as having a great profile picture may change a lot of things for you on LinkedIn. Just like when going to an interview, the first impression you make on all possible connections is through the way you look – how you’re dressed and the expressions you’re making, and on social media, you make that impression through your photo.

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Back view at two schoolchildren visiting art gallery of free stock photos

The Seven Best Websites for Free Stock Photos

If you’re a small business that’s just starting out, the last thing you want to do is add more items to spend your budget on. Typically, entrepreneurs are looking for all kinds of ways to cut costs and only spend their budget on the kind of things that they truly need to advance their business.

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oman looking at the photo of the Paris

What is Watermarking, and Should You Do It?

If you create any kind of visual content, watermarking is something you have to be aware of. It’s basically a process that includes placing a logo or text on top of a document or photo file to protect your rights to something you created. While it’s mostly done digitally these days, the idea for watermarking your creations dates back centuries.

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Camera and computer with the photo of food

Five Great Apps to Edit Photo Backgrounds

You don’t have to be an expert in Photoshop to change or add a backg

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Photo of the canon camera that will be used for creating a watermark

Creating a Watermark: Five Easy Ways

Seeing watermarks on photos is something most people dislike. It can ruin a photo, especially if it’s placed so that it hides an essential part of the picture. However, regardless of whether you love or hate them, having watermarks on your photographs prevents people from sharing your photos online without your consent.

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Girl looking at her camera figuring out how to make edits

Creating Professional-Looking Photographs: How to Make Edits

Of course, the first step toward making good photographs is knowing how to use the camera, knowing exposure basics and knowing how to compose a great photo. However, once you’ve learned those initial steps, it’s time to learn some photo-editing essentials that will help take your content to the next level.

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Laptop opened for editing pictures for free

The Five Best Apps for Editing Pictures for Free

Just 20 years ago, taking pictures was an entire process. You had to shoot them, then go and get them developed so you could put them in albums or give them to friends and family.

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Illustration made in Undraw

10 Best Websites Like UnDraw

Illustrations are a huge part of storytelling and being able to get a message across to your audience. They are oftentimes used to inform readers, bringing them into your own vision. Illustrations are able to connect thoughts and feelings, creating an undeniable emotional appeal that forces the reader to relate to the work.

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Taking a professional photo with the photo

Create a Professional Photo for Your Website for Free

Images are one of the most powerful marketing tools. They are instrumental in bringing more traffic to your website and driving sales. In fact, even if you have just one photo on your blog or internet page, it’s much more likely to rank on Google than if you have none. … Read more

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