10 Best Websites Like UnDraw

Illustrations are a huge part of storytelling and being able to get a message across to your audience. They are oftentimes used to inform readers, bringing them into your own vision. Illustrations are able to connect thoughts and feelings, creating an undeniable emotional appeal that forces the reader to relate to the work.

Illustrations are also crucial in building brand awareness, telling a story, and making it a lot easier for the world to recognize you and your business. If you are unable to create effective illustrations yourself, you can always find a graphic designer to do the work for you. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources and money to afford top-notch work.

UnDraw is a popular option for many people who face this predicament. It is an illustration website that a variety of people utilize for a variety of reasons. The website is used by designers to improve their work, share their art, and help out those who do not exactly know how to hire a worthy graphic designer.

Although unDraw is a go-to when it comes to finding illustrations, users have noted important issues with the website. One of the main complaints is a lack of enough illustrations to choose from. This problem may not feel significant when you first start working on the website, but as time passes, you will begin to search for alternatives that provide more options.

The importance of variety in illustrations is essential to successfully capture your audience’s attention. While using a website like unDraw, it has been reported that your options become more limited the longer you spend time on it. Therefore, there have been many websites like unDraw that have come to the forefront of the illustration scene.

Another issue with the popular website is the homogenous style of the illustrations. Users have noticed that there is one particular type of art on the website, and it is oftentimes too playful or cutesy for more serious websites. This is a reason why people may feel turned off from unDraw and want to turn to an alternative that better fits their needs.

Having illustrations that are specific to your business, brand, or identity is important for any venture. If your website layout, the message you are trying to convey, and its illustrations do not function as a cohesive unit, people can feel discouraged from pursuing further. One of the most important elements of a successful business is having an understandable message that can be expressed through every element of the business.

Another common complaint with using illustrations from unDraw is the frequency in which the website is used. There is concern that it has become overdone and no longer feels as unique as it did in the beginning. When trying to create your own brand, individuality and uniqueness are two of the most important aspects so that you can differ from the competitive world market.

Others consider unDraw alternatives due to the fact that unDraw does not offer things like the right to compile vectors, images, or assets in order to replicate a similar service in any form. Because of these problems, people have been searching for alternatives to the website that can provide services that unDraw cannot.

10 Websites like UnDraw

Look no further because we have compiled a list of alternatives that cater to your business’s wants and needs. Here are 10 alternatives to unDraw that you can choose from.


ManyPixels provides unique designs from many different creators. Even though the images are free to use, you cannot recompile them to sell someplace else. The website is more like an on-demand design outsourcing platform and provides designs through its royalty-free library of vector illustrations. All you have to do is download an illustration to use it for your projects.

If you decide to download full SVG format illustrations, you will be able to choose default colors so that you can find something to match the look and feel of your brand or business. Similar to unDraw, ManyPixels provides an illustration gallery, but it is much better than its competitor. You have the power to adapt the graphics before downloading an illustration, and you do not have to attribute the author.

Unlike unDraw though, ManyPixels offers new illustrations each week. You can use these illustrations for commercial or non-commercial use after paying a flat monthly fee. This means that you are given free rein over unlimited designs no matter where you are in the world.

There are also no hidden fees and no limit of requests. You are able to request any number of custom-made, personalized illustrations, which are diligently designed by ManyPixels’ expert designers. They are also efficient in getting your requests processed and delivered back to you as soon as possible. On average, it takes about one to two business days for a request to be fully completed.

It is also important to note how flexible ManyPixels is. No matter the size or scalability of your business, you have access to quality designs all while saving money.

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2.Absurd Design

Unlike other unDraw alternatives, Absurd Design allows you to access illustrations that are full of creativity and uniqueness. Absurd Design is more on the artistic, creative side of things and gives people the opportunity to fuel their imaginations for their business or brand.

Surrealist illustrations are provided on this website, which you can use for articles, apps, landing page messages, presentations, and more. The main purpose of Absurd Design is to spark creativity in its users and allow for appreciation of the imperfections behind hand-made illustrations.

Many of the designs are considered lucrative and outlandish. This caters perfectly to businesses that are looking to amaze and create a sense of awe in their clientele or visitors. Absurd Design is a great website for finding quirky illustrations that express creativity and an immense amount of detail.

When first starting out with the website, you get more than 10 illustrations that are available for download and free use in PNG format. This is a great deal for someone who is not yet used to the graphic design world but wants to set his or her brand apart with fun, unique illustrations.

With the free download, you are also given 11 black and white illustrations. If you are searching for colored versions, PNG formats, and SVG, all you have to do is get a membership with the website to access an array of designs and images with different file formats.

3.Open Doodles

There are not a lot of quality things that are free these days. With Open Doodles, though, you will have access to a library of illustrations that are completely free to use, edit, remix, copy, share, or even redraw to your heart’s desire. You can do all this with Open Doodles’ library of illustrations.

The website provides hand-drawn vector illustrations that allow you to download and play with a built-in generator if you are wanting to be creative with your own designs. This is very different from unDraw, which does not provide the customization and availability that Open Doodles does.

There is also an accessible library of sketch-type illustrations of people, which can come in handy with personal and commercial projects. Open Doodles uses an open design format. This means that you can use their images in whatever way you want without being restricted by CCO license, copyright law, or database.

People have claimed that Open Doodles is a great unDraw alternative, seeing as it provides images for those who are not ready to hire illustrators or graphic designers. You can even invite people to modify, copy, adapt, and reimagine your work through an online collaboration space. The creator of Open Doodles wanted to provide a space for designers to display their work and show the importance of illustration.


Despite the name of the website, Ouch is a great place to go for free vector illustrations for any and every project you may have. Ouch is an extension of Icons8, which is a company that provides free vector illustrations for people with different projects and user interfaces. With Ouch, you are given different styles and free images in the PNG format.

UnDraw does not provide the selection that Ouch provides. There is a wide range of free illustrations that can be filtered by category, illustration style, or illustrator. The only difference between Ouch and other unDraw alternatives is that you must reference the author through a link. This can be inserted in the footer of your site, for example.

Many people use Ouch for their apps, websites, blogs, and open-source projects. If you decide that you want to remove the attribution and retain more access to file types like SVG and image packs, you have the option of paying for the premium monthly subscription.

Ouch specializes in helping creators and designers who are not gifted in illustration find the best vectors and graphics for their projects. Icons8 has even expanded to include free illustrations for commercial and personal use.

The vector graphics found on Ouch include flat and geometric illustrations, unorthodox designs, cartoon-like vectors, and textured graphics.


Humaaans provides illustrations of exactly what you suspect – people. With a variety of options, you can choose, mix, and match graphics on the website. UnDraw offers images of animals and objects, but Humaaans gives creators the opportunity to use 2D people in their projects. You can easily replace people’s colors, positions, clothes, and hairstyles.

Humaaans focuses on one niche area of graphic design that is difficult for a lot of business owners and marketers to access in the public domain, and that is images of people. There is an emphasis on the importance of human connection on Humaaans, which allows you to fit their designs anywhere on your projects to elicit emotion.

Another benefit of this unDraw alternative is the compatibility with using full-blown hero sections and icon placements. You have the ability to mix and match any illustrations of background people and scenes to reinvent your own graphic. This is not something that is easily done across websites like unDraw.

You can use Humaaans’ images for anything free of charge and with a CC 4.0 license. This means their images can be used for non-commercial or commercial use. All you have to do is access their online library where you will be redirected to a shared Dropbox folder. Here, you will find folders filled with all the image files you need for your brand and business.


If you are searching for a website that provides a multitude of unique, beautiful illustrations, then Freepik may be the place for you. Most people use graphic resources for things like animations, websites, and presentations.

By simply doing a keyword search, you can find the best designs for all your project needs. After finding the vector graphic you want, all you have to do is download it and your illustration is readily available for your business. The Freepik search engine is considered a fantastic feature that makes it stand out amongst the other websites like unDraw.

The search engine helps you immediately spot high-quality vectors, icons, photos, illustrations, PSD files, and more. The vectors come in many different design styles that are all created by in-house designers. All images are free for personal and commercial use if you attribute Freepik by linking to their website.

Whether you need a brochure, greeting card, brand announcement, pamphlet, or something else, Freepik has the image you need. Unlike unDraw, there is a native template editor that allows you to customize templates based on your content and branding. This variety provides the opportunity to find exactly what you need to drive your business’ website to the top.

Freepik offers a collection of free concepts in the form of illustrations that you are free to customize and animate in your own web browser. From there, you can even animate your illustrations into GIFs, videos, and codes.


James Daly, the creator of DrawKit, is an artist who specializes in fully customizable illustrations for public consumption and use. He wanted to make a website that was accessible to all as well as able to provide quality illustrations.

Unlike unDraw, DrawKit begins your experience with packs of 10 animated, looping scenes. You can choose from SVG illustrations in two styles. Whether you are searching for illustrations that are monochrome or brightly colored, DrawKit provides options that appeal to any person’s desires.

The website’s illustrations vary from business designs to designs for education, finance, art, and more. This variety guarantees you find something that is cohesive to your business’ branding needs. James Daly wanted to ensure that the designs were not only in one style or under one category, unlike unDraw.

You can also use the licenses on commercial and personal projects without having to attribute them to the author. This comes along with the ability to use a wide range of image packs that hold up to 100 images. If you are looking for something more detailed, you will have to purchase this.

There are over 50 free illustrations on DrawKit that come in two different styles and are all under MIT license. You can download editable SVG and PNG files from a variety of categories.


There comes a time when you have to use some sort of hand gesture to convey a certain message in your illustrations, which is where Handz comes in. Unlike unDraw and other alternatives, Handz specializes in diverse hand gestures that are illustrated in 3D.

The website provides over 320 combinations of hands in different sleeves, doing 12 different gestures, and in eight different skin colors. If you are looking for an illustrated point or just a simple thumbs-up, Handz is the site for you.

Handz also provides PNG renders that you are able to use in Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Illustrator, Studio, and a variety of other designer software. Luckily, Handz illustrations can be used for free in any commercial project. So, if you need a set of hands for your website, newsletter, social media posts, or apps, you have free access to it all.

If you venture to the premium subscription, you will also be able to use the 320 and counting PNG files, color skins, sleeve variations, and more. You will also find hand gestures with tablets, an Apple Watch, Mac screens, Samsung gear, and more.

Not only will you be given access to all these things, but you are also free to combine and create your illustrations. There is a diverse set of options with Handz that can bring your illustrations to the next level.


Whether you have a project, website, or app in PNG format, Skribbl is able to provide hand-drawn illustrations for free. If you are searching for SVG illustrations, you will have to purchase them from the site, though.

This website specializes in being a meeting place for global creatives. It acts as a community of contributors and comes with commercial and personal use licenses. Because there is a growing collection of hand-drawn illustrations, the aspiring creatives that illustrate them do not force attribution. All illustrations are freely usable.

The founder was looking to create a website that was easy to use and accessible to all. The founder also wanted to allow creatives different opportunities to build their careers and earn money by increasing their exposure on a worldwide scale.

Not only does Skribbl provide hand-drawn illustrations, but there is also a variety of categories to choose from. You can find images of activities, hobbies, nature, animals, trends, businesses, food, drink, health, and bodies, to name a few. This is a great difference from unDraw.

All of the illustrations are hand-selected so that users have access to the best of the best. Sometimes it is difficult to find compatible images and illustrations that can bring your brand to life, but Skribbl provides free usage of creative and useful content.

If you are looking to improve your own drawing skills, Skribbl also offers free art classes that are delivered by the creative community of the website.

10.Paper Illustrations

Lastly, with the idea of utilizing paper cut-outs to provide for illustration needs, IconScout created Paper Illustrations. It is free for personal and commercial use.

To start, you are given 20 illustrations that you can use in landing pages for things like mobile apps, PNG and EPS files, and demo images that teach you how to blend illustrations in your designs. The vector images on this website are used on the landing pages, giving you the ability to blend them with your design.

There are over 10,000 exclusive assets which include icons, illustrations, and 3D assets. Compared to unDraw, you are given a larger library to choose from as well as more categories to meet your business needs. There are over 4,500 vector icons that come in monochrome, solid, line, and thin line styles.

With Paper Illustrations, you are also given the opportunity to animate your SVG illustrations and icons using a tool that converts them to Lottie animations. Using Lottie animations, you are able to tweak animations anytime and anywhere.

Paper Illustrations includes plugins for each tool that you choose to use, giving you access to millions of assets that will allow you to work more efficiently. You can also edit an icon before you download it, changing the icon color, size, stroke, and more.

There are many websites like unDraw that provide quality illustrations that can make you and your brand unique. Illustrations can play a crucial role in gaining customers, an audience, or even igniting a road of creativity for a business. Luckily, there are many options for web illustrations and graphics at the disposal of anyone who searches well enough.

Rather than having to use stock photos or resorting to pixelated graphics that can leave a person guessing, you can look through the unDraw alternatives to find exactly what you are searching for. Depending on your style, if you are willing to pay money or not, and what would best fit your brand, hopefully, this list provides you with a sufficient number of options to choose from.

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