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Man using computer mouse to look for what is a good ctr strategy

What Is a Good CTR? Let’s Learn Together

In the world of digital marketing, you will hear and read a ton about click-through rate or, as we call it, CTR. Before a new customer can visit your online store and make a purchase, he first must click. It might be on a Facebook ad, a Google search result, or a link in an email. Regardless of what it is, it brings the customer to your website.

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Man in the office explaining the difference between PPC vs CPC to a client

PPC vs CPC – How Are They Different?

The digital marketing industry is famous for loving acronyms and cryptic terms. While the jargon makes communication more effortless when you’re already an insider, it can be pretty confusing to literally anyone that doesn’t deal with the world of online advertising. However, in an effort to make marketing more understandable for small business owners and young entrepreneurs alike, we’ve been working on a post to help you learn more about two acronyms that are often used by marketers: CPC and PPC.

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Women interview a candidat for the position of PPC Consultants

What are PPC Consultants, and Should You Hire One?

The digital marketing industry is growing every year. Nowadays, as more and more businesses operate either fully or partially online, having a strategy that helps promote your business to the growing community of international buyers is essential.
Thanks to the entire industry’s growth, marketing roles are now more in demand than ever. You can see many businesses looking for copywriters, SEO experts, social media managers, and PPC consultants.

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Creating a perfect ppc campaign on laptop

How to Build a Perfect PPC Campaign

Advertising digitally in today’s world is considered one of the most essential features to bring in conversions. It’s no surprise, since the use of the internet is increasing by the day. In short, in these COVID times the world has gone digital and advertising online is vital for every business … Read more

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