What are PPC Consultants, and Should You Hire One?

The digital marketing industry is growing every year. Nowadays, as more and more businesses operate either fully or partially online, having a strategy that helps promote your business to the growing community of international buyers is essential.
Thanks to the entire industry’s growth, marketing roles are now more in demand than ever. You can see many businesses looking for copywriters, SEO experts, social media managers, and PPC consultants.
However, if you’re clear on all other marketing roles, you may wonder what PPC consultants indeed do and whether hiring one is something you need to do for your company. That’s why in this blog, we will be explaining what PPC consultants do, how their work is valuable, and whether you need that sort of specialist for your own business.

What is a PPC Consultant?

To put it in simple terms, a PPC consultant is an expert in pay-per-click advertising. A PPC consultant’s main job is to plan and optimize online advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, Google ads, and other paid advertising platforms. The main goal of a PPC consultant is to provide value by giving his or her expertise in paid media advertising. That involves knowing how to create entire marketing strategies and how to optimize currently existing ones following industry best practices that guarantee to deliver a positive return on ad spend.
Typically, PPC consultants either work for a company or are freelancers that you can hire for a specific amount of time. What a PPC consultant might cost you varies a lot – usually, agencies and more experienced specialists charge more than people who are doing freelance work or are just starting out.

What Do PPC Consultants Do?

Saying that PPC consultants deal with the creation and optimization of paid advertisements online is a way to simplify the role that these marketing experts have. In reality, in their daily work, they take on a few key roles and responsibilities for each client. Let’s check out what they are.

Develop a PPC Strategy

PPC consultants normally take ownership over the entire pay-per-click advertising strategy of the client. This includes deciding what types of campaigns will get run, what platforms will be used, and what kind of advertising content will be published.

One major part of any PPC strategy is keyword research, as it helps determine how potential customers are searching for a company’s product or services. Keywords are what define this, and so they massively influence any PPC strategy. Another big decision is choosing what platforms to use for these paid advertising campaigns. Depending on what the critical audience consists of a PPC consultant may decide to use one or more platforms such as Microsoft Bing, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads.

Additionally, it’s the PPC consultant’s responsibility to check on what the competition is doing. Is their strategy working? What are they doing that’s effective and what is simply a waste of time?

The reason why all PPC consultants do all of these things is to make the most out of the advertising budget they have. If a PPC consultant has a well-prepared strategy, he or she is much more likely to launch campaigns that will truly bring results.

Create and Optimize Campaigns

Once the consultant has a finalized strategy, his or her significant role becomes creating and managing paid advertising campaigns. The consultant’s daily job consists of monitoring said campaigns and making modifications, and optimizing when necessary. This includes

  • Monitoring results
  • Measuring the performance of campaigns
  • Improving ad copy
  • Updating and finding new keywords
  • A/B testing

This is an ongoing process that has to happen each and every day, as it’s the best way to ensure that a campaign is running smoothly and bringing value.

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Report on Campaign Performance

Once the strategy of a PPC consultant is in action, you as a client should expect to get regular insights into how the different online ad campaigns are doing. That’s why it’s good to agree on a reporting schedule with your consultant from the start, so you will know how often to expect news from the consultant’s end. Usually, it’s at least once per week, and during that meeting, it’s the PPC consultant’s job to brief you on the performance of each campaign and on key findings that he or she gathered over the course of the week.
If something isn’t happening according to plan, then you should expect to hear a strategy for improvement from the PPC consultant, as well as specific actions he or she is willing to take.

Identify New Opportunities

A good PPC consultant will be able to have a creative approach regarding the marketing campaigns that are being run. That means looking at the reports and the performance of the campaigns and coming up with practical ways to enhance those campaigns and make them even better.

Along with that, a good PPC consultant will have a good grasp of how the market is doing and what your competitors are up to. That way, if the consultant notices that someone else is running a highly effective campaign, he or she will be able to adjust and upgrade yours so that it’s up-to-par or better than the one that your competitor is running.

Should You Hire a PPC Consultant?

Well, the answer is – it depends. If you’re just starting out and you have some idea on how to run an ad campaign, then maybe you don’t need to hire a PPC consultant at the beginning. However, if you’re a smaller business that’s already established its online presence but wants to take things to the next level, then hiring a PPC consultant may help you do just that. PPC consultants are extremely helpful in optimizing your online paid advertising campaigns and making them more effective and more cost-friendly.

If you want to learn more about PPC marketing and why it can make a difference for your business, then check out the Camberlion blog – there are more articles that can help you expand your knowledge there.

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