Google Trends

Teenagers addicted to new technology trends and using smartphones and reading about worldwide trending

Leveraging The Power of Google Trends Products for Business insights

Did you know that searches for the “2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic” increased by 50% globally in a month? Did you know that there has been a 110% increase in searches for “COVID Booster Shot”? The Google search for “Mail Delivery Today” also went up by 600%.

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Want to Boost Your SEO? Keyword Research Reveals the Latest Google Trends

Since ‘netizens’ started using cyberspace as a primary source of information, the SEO game has undergone a significant transformation. Used alongside high-quality content, the right keywords can help rank a website on Google and other relevant search engines. Just look at any SERP and you’ll notice a massive difference from just a few years ago— not only in appearances but in rankings, as well.
Today, keywords are the driving force behind content visibility. Whether it’s high-scale corporate marketing or simple social media posting, keywords have the power to boost content performance and, ideally, drive new clients to your business’s website.

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