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Man reading about google web story on tablet

Google Web Stories: What You Need to Know

The “Stories” format that Snapchat and Instagram introduced quickly set off a storm on social media platforms. This short-form video content became an instant favorite, and it’s one of the most used social media features to date. Now, Google is on a mission to bring the Stories format to the web, and they are doing it with “Google Web Stories.”

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Man reading a newpaper and google news top story on laptop

Google News Top Story: How Can You Get There?

Almost everyone I know prefers to get their news coverage from a reliable online platform, where they know they can find the most relevant information for the day. Google News is perhaps the most popular news outlet platform out there and ranking on it is a terrific opportunity for you to reach a new audience, get higher traffic to your website, and increase brand recognition and engagement rates.

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Colleagues discussing how to publish an article

How to Publish an Article on Google News

Google News is a platform that collects articles and blog posts from publishers all over the world. In the last few years, it has become a popular way for people to learn all the latest news from their region and worldwide.

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Directions for publishing to Google News Feeds

The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your Content on Google News FEED

Google News is the primary go-to platform for millions of users worldwide for local, regional, and international news. Website owners are continuously finding new ways to bring traffic to their websites to generate success. Appearing on the Google News homepage benefits website owners in a multitude of ways that you … Read more

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