How to Publish an Article on Google News

Google News is a platform that collects articles and blog posts from publishers all over the world. In the last few years, it has become a popular way for people to learn all the latest news from their region and worldwide.

What makes Google News stand out from its competitors is its close integration with other Google services, allowing it to easily access and categorize dozens of articles daily. That is why the platform is able to provide readers with all the latest information and manages to cover a wide variety of topics and categories.

Now that you know what Google News does, let’s find out how you can get your own content on the platform.

Let’s Take a Look at Google’s Requirements

If you want to be able to submit your website to Google News, you first need to make sure that you’re following Google’s guidelines. There are three main ones that you need to be compliant with:

The first two guidelines matter the most for publishers who want to get their content included in Google news. Content policies cover all of the requirements that an article needs to comply with in order to be approved by the platform. On the other hand, the technical guidelines tell website owners how they can help Google bots crawl through their pages. There are requirements for the structure of the website and for each individual page. Here’s a short summary of the most important tips:

  • Use permanent URLs for every article and be mindful when doing migrations
  • Use a robots.txt file to give the Google News bot a direction on how to crawl your website
  • Decrypt any media content such as audio and video and add add a description to it
  • Submit a Google News Sitemap in your search console once your site gets approved by Google News

Besides those two requirements, the idea behind the webmaster one is to help Google find and understand the content of your website. It contains quality guidelines, as well as technical recommendations that aim to improve your site’s visibility. Here, the basic principles you need to follow include

  • Creating unique articles that bring value to their readers
  • Avoiding any foul language, violence, or hate speech at all costs
  • Steering clear of using tricks to help your SEO ranking and instead focusing on creating a great user experience

How to Publish an Article on Google News

After you’ve made sure to follow all of Google’s guidelines, it’s time to move on to learning how to publish an article on Google News. Thankfully, the process isn’t all that complicated.

By using the Publisher Centre tool, you can share your content with Google News by submitting website URLs, RSS feeds, videos, or other media content. In order for you to do that, you have to follow a few steps:

  • Go to the Publisher Centre and then click on “Add a Publication.”
  • Enter the article’s name, the main URL of the website it’s published on, and your location.
  • Confirm the request by selecting “Publish”.

Once that’s done, you can start designing and customizing your article for Google News. Just select the “Settings” button next to the article to get started. From there

  • Give the publication a title
  • Select the language it was written in
  • Provide your location
  • Give the full URL of the website
  • Select the fonts and upload any images and logos you want

Simply click on “Save” once you’re done, and the article will be submitted.

Set up Your Google News Article

Thanks to the Publisher Center, you can do some additional customization to your article after it has been published. That includes adding a description of what the publication is all about and selecting a category to make sure it’s classified appropriately. That will, in turn, make it easier for it to reach its intended audience. Along with that, you can choose to limit the number of countries that see your publication by changing the distribution settings.

Submitting Your Article Does Not Guarantee Anything

You need to know that even if you don’t post your publication in the Publisher Centre, there’s still a chance that Google will find it through the normal web crawl its bots do. Furthermore, the fact that you’ve submitted an article does not automatically guarantee it will end up on the Google News page. However, it does provide you with some benefits:

  • Monetization opportunity: Publishers can use paywalls in Google News by going to the Subscribe with Google page.
  • Eligibility for placement: Publishers who have gone through the process of setting up and submitting publications to Google News are eligible to appear in the Newsstand tab of the app across multiple countries and regions.
  • Branding and content control: Thanks to the Publisher Centre, you have complete control to design, brand, and customize the way your publication looks, if it appears in Google News.

In Conclusion

Learning how to publish an article in Google News is pretty straightforward. However, it’s definitely something you must do if you want your content to be able to reach a wider audience. Along with that, the Camberlion blog has a few other articles that will help you publish your articles in Google News and ensure that they’re well ranked and might get chosen to be featured on the platform.

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