Advertising With Bloggers – How to Find the Right People for Your Company

Working with influencers and bloggers has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. That’s because those people are able to reach wider audiences thanks to their content, which helps boost brand recognition and builds trust with potential customers.

While social media marketing has significantly been covered, and most business owners and marketers know how to find influence, the story is different when it comes to blogging.

Because writing isn’t a form of expression that requires you to reveal yourself or become a public figure, most bloggers tend to go unnoticed. When you want to find one to help you with a marketing campaign, the job becomes challenging.

In this article, we will talk all about advertising with bloggers – why it’s beneficial, how to find the right people, and more.

Let’s get going.

Why Do You Need to Consider Advertising With Bloggers?

The whole idea behind advertising is to help businesses place their product before an audience that may want to buy it. Nowadays, the modern digital marketing strategy is to pay for ads on social media and Google or to work with social media influencers who introduce a company’s products or services to their audience in hopes that the two audiences match, which helps generate sales and revenue.

However, there’s another marketing strategy often referred to as either affiliate marketing or performance marketing. The idea behind it is to pay a commission to anyone that brings a customer to your store. Affiliate marketing can be done with social media influencers, but bloggers are also perfect for facilitating these kinds of efforts. Not only do they have an engaged audience that already reads their post, but they also create evergreen content that keeps that affiliate link alive for years to come.

That being said, you don’t have to do affiliate marketing in order to consider working with a blogger. Much like influencers, good bloggers also have a dedicated audience that trusts their content and looks forward to seeing their opinions on different products and services. Using their platforms to promote your business through valuable content is something worth adding to your marketing strategy – not only does it expose your company to a new audience, but it also shows it in a positive light, as it’s presented by a source that the audience already trusts.

By aligning with an influential blogger, you will be able to drive traffic to your website, increase your social media following and improve your brand image. The significant benefit of having blogs written about your business is that the content remains forever – unlike sponsored posts or stories on social media that fade over time.

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How to Find the Right Bloggers to Collaborate With

Every day more than four million blogs get published and so it can be hard to begin finding ones that are relevant to your brand and may help reach your target audience. That’s why knowing what to look for in a blogger is critical and will help you find the right partner in the long run. There are three main things you always need to take a look at.

Voice and Tone

The idea of collaborating with a blogger is to have someone who, in written form, presents your brand to their audience. The tone of voice that the writer uses in its blogs must resonate with the one you want to be associated with your company. For example, if you’re going to appear as light and friendly in your marketing strategy, the same should apply to the tone of voice used by the blogger that advertises your company. On the other hand, if you’re trying to establish your company as an industry leader and expert, then you should seek out a blogger with knowledge of the industry who is able to sound professional and knowledgeable when discussing your products or services.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to advertising with bloggers, you want quality. It’s not like ads, where you continuously want to pump them out. Here, the focus should be on creating evergreen content that represents your products or services in a positive light and provides helpful information to readers. When working with a blogger, you should emphasize the fact that you’re looking for someone that’s able to write articles that have depth or tell an exciting story.


When you’re looking to start any kind of business partnership, you want to be sure that the other side is also professional and, most importantly, trustworthy. When looking to hire bloggers, you should ask other brands that they’ve worked with for their impression. Along with that, you can also check out how many views they get per month, their domain authority, and their audience demographics. Their social media presence might also be telling – it shows how many people are genuinely dedicated fans and how engaged they are.

If you manage to find all of these in one blogger and his or her audience aligns with yours, then you have yourself a great deal.

Where Can You Look for Bloggers?

So far, we know why advertising with bloggers is beneficial and what qualities you should look for in one; however, the question of how to look for bloggers remains. Well, let’s try to answer it.

The best way to find bloggers is by searching for keywords online and looking through the websites that post content with them in them. Additionally, you might start Googling questions that you feel your target audience might have (related to your product or industry) and see which blogs contain answers to those questions. Another thing you can do is look through social media. Some influencers are semi-active on Instagram but develop their opinion in written form on a blog instead of with videos on TikTok or YouTube.

Once you have a shortlist of bloggers you’re considering working with, you can create a list and start looking at their metrics: how many followers they have on social media, how much traffic they get, and the primary goal of their blog. That way, you will be able to find the best fit for your brand.

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