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Young Female digital nomad sitting on chaise-longe on sandy beach and working on laptop

What Does It Mean To Be a Digital Nomad, and How Can You Become One?

The pandemic changed the way we think about work forever. Before 2020, everyone considered “work” to be the place where you go every morning from Monday to Friday – an office space where you meet with all your co-workers, and you virtually spend 70% of your life. However, in March 2020, that all changed and a large percentage of the people who worked in offices suddenly got exposed to another way of getting work done – from home.

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Your Guide to Understanding and Navigating TikTok Analytics

TikTok is THE social media platform at the moment. As we’ve seen, every social media platform has a period of time where it’s at the peak of its popularity and, as of right now, that top spot belongs to TikTok. Whether you’re a content creator that wants to get a bigger following or a brand working on its marketing, having an account on this video platform is a must.

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Couple Recording Podcast Advertising

Podcast Advertising: Let’s Do It the Right Way

Podcasts are booming; similar to other platforms, this type of content easily goes viral and, in some ways, is replacing YouTube vlogs. Usually, when someone starts considering creating a podcast channel, the first things he or she tries to come up with are the themes and topics, the format which best suits the podcasts, and how many hosts is ought to have. While those things are vital for a successful podcast, there’s one thing that most people don’t take into account: podcast advertising.

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Customer woman paying for a products using smartphone in beauty store

What is UGC? 3 Examples of User-Generated Content and How Successful Businesses are Implementing It

Promoting your products and services with user-generated content is an idea that’s getting more and more popular. In fact, a recent study by TurnToNetworks shows that for 90% of customers, UGC has more influence over their buying decisions in comparison to promotional emails and even what they find on Google.

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Asia vlogger woman creating TikTok story for TikTok store

What’s the TikTok Store and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

TikTok has been growing into more than just a social media platform after it went viral in 2020. Some of the platform’s recent updates copy other applications such as “BeReal” or “Instagram,” and after years of trial and error, TikTok finally rolled out what they like to call the TikTok store.

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Man reading about google web story on tablet

Google Web Stories: What You Need to Know

The “Stories” format that Snapchat and Instagram introduced quickly set off a storm on social media platforms. This short-form video content became an instant favorite, and it’s one of the most used social media features to date. Now, Google is on a mission to bring the Stories format to the web, and they are doing it with “Google Web Stories.”

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Male hand typing on laptop keyboard and using ChatGPT

The Development of ChatGPT and Other AI Tools

You have to be living under a rock or on an island somewhere without the Internet if you have yet to hear about ChatGPT. Ever since the end of 2022, OpenAI’s revolutionary tool has been on everyone’s minds, as its existence threatens to change the way a number of industries operate.

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ChatGPT conversation on laptop screen

The Boom of AI Tools – How Can They Transform Your Marketing?

The way things are going, we can safely say that we live in an era of AI. Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, the conversations in social media, between friends and coworkers, and on television have revolved around artificial intelligence (AI). You might have participated in discussions yourself on whether it’s good or bad, safe or dangerous, and most important of all – will AI replace humans? The AI range from ones that write to ones that design and generate visual or audio content. In this article, we will talk about AI tools that can be used for content marketing and take a look at the downsides and benefits in comparison to human intelligence. This article will focus on the lesser known AI tools that have recently become available, not just ChatGPT.

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Group of teenagers sitting on stairs outdoors talking about tiktok search options

Is TikTok the New Search Engine? Gen-Z Seems to Think So

There aren’t many businesses that can calmly and with assurance say that they don’t need a TikTok presence. The reality is that over the last few years, it has become impossible to have a marketing strategy that doesn’t involve this particular social media giant. The reasons for that are many, and one article will likely not be enough to cover them all. The main focus of today’s piece will be slightly different.

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Girl signing to join nonprofit organizations in Melbourn

10 Amazing Non-Profit Organizations in Melbourne, FL worth Supporting

We hope that with this article, we not only presented you with some of the best non-profit organizations in Melbourne, FL, but also inspired you to help some of them by donating money, time, or the work of your employees. As a business, operating in a developing community is key, and you can help facilitate that by giving back to it. Regardless of which non-profit organization you choose to support, we can guarantee your choice will positively impact you. If you want to read up on different charities and how you can help as a business, head over to our blog, where a few articles are dedicated to those topics.

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