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Man in the office explaining the difference between PPC vs CPC to a client

PPC vs CPC – How Are They Different?

The digital marketing industry is famous for loving acronyms and cryptic terms. While the jargon makes communication more effortless when you’re already an insider, it can be pretty confusing to literally anyone that doesn’t deal with the world of online advertising. However, in an effort to make marketing more understandable for small business owners and young entrepreneurs alike, we’ve been working on a post to help you learn more about two acronyms that are often used by marketers: CPC and PPC.

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Man using Free Illustrator app on his tablet

Top 12 Free Illustrators Alternatives To Try in 2022!

Adobe Illustrator is a popular design software, mainly used for designing logos, graphics, posters, cartoons, charts, advertisement creatives, diagrams, graphs, illustrations, and more

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Graphic of the Click-through rate resultes

Understanding Click-Through Rate and 10 Proven Ways to Improve It

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the factors that decides the popularity and rank of a web page. Even though you may not know it, your online activity has the power to sink an entire business. Read more to learn about click-through rate and 10 ways to improve it.

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Best gaming business ideas to play with joystick

10 Best Gaming Business Ideas

Are you a big gaming fan? Do you wonder how you can make money off of your hobby? Well, we’re here to tell you that there are numerous ways you can do that.

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Books on CSS frameworks

The Five Best CSS Frameworks for Developers and Designers

As you’ve probably noticed, websites nowadays look nothing like they did a couple of years back. That’s because the web is constantly evolving, so CSS frameworks are getting better at making frontend development even more productive and enjoyable. Even though many have opposing opinions about CSS frameworks, the reality is that regardless of whether you love or hate them, they will remain widely used for years to come.

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Books on best plugins for Wordpress

13 Best Plugins For WordPress in 2022

n-source, free, simplistic, and user-friendly platform used for creating and building websites, portfolios, blogs, and ecommerce sites. It doesn’t require the knowledge of fancy programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C, C++, etc.

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Many cars in traffic jam as a metaphor for tracking website visits

How Can You Start Tracking Website Visits?

If you’re not already tracking website visits, you should start as soon as possible. Given that most businesses put a lot of time and effort into building an online presence, having a website without doing analysis is a huge mistake.

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Woman searching on the phone about extensions definition

An In-Depth Look Into the Google Extensions Definition

If you use Google Chrome as your preferred browser, then surely you have used some extensions. Sometimes, you may have even done so without knowing it. Tons of useful online tools, including Grammarly and AdBlocker, are extensions, and if you’re a digital marketer, you know that most SEO applications are also installable extensions that make life a lot easier.

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AI marketing example as a dolls in the fashion store with sale offer

AI Marketing: The Newest Age of Advertising

AI marketing has gained a lot of attention recently. When artificial intelligence is mentioned in conversation, it evokes a range of emotions. Some people are fascinated and excited for what the future holds as technology further grips our society, forcing its ways into everything possible.

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Man researching what is web 3.0 on his board

Web 3.0 — A Comprehensive Guide

Web 3.0 is a fairly new concept but you may be familiar with the concepts of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

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