Little boy fixing his laptop and learning how to start a tech company

How to Start a Tech Company in Nine Steps

Technology is a key part of our world. Without it, we are almost lost. The interesting thing is that our thirst for innovation and new solutions hasn’t diminished at all. What’s more, people are now even more open to exploring all kinds of new technologies. Of course, this has led many entrepreneurs down the path of starting their own tech enterprises. After all, the trend of small start-ups that create incredible solutions began just like that.

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Best gaming business ideas to play with joystick

10 Best Gaming Business Ideas

Are you a big gaming fan? Do you wonder how you can make money off of your hobby? Well, we’re here to tell you that there are numerous ways you can do that.

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AI marketing example as a dolls in the fashion store with sale offer

AI Marketing: The Newest Age of Advertising

AI marketing has gained a lot of attention recently. When artificial intelligence is mentioned in conversation, it evokes a range of emotions. Some people are fascinated and excited for what the future holds as technology further grips our society, forcing its ways into everything possible.

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Woman using Web 2.0 on her laptop

Web 2.0 – Digital Assets for Teaching Technologies (Evolve Your Teaching Platform)

Web 2.0 tools have been changing the classroom game as of late. These tools are working to transform educators’ work as well as changing the dynamic of classrooms. Nowadays, technology is a given in teaching spaces; it helps with day-to-day tasks as well as allowing student access to realms of knowledge via the internet.

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Colorfull Keyboard for creative writing jobs

What Is UX Writing? A How-to Guide For Getting Started!

UX writing is exactly what you may suspect. It is the writing involved in the microcopy of apps, digital products, websites, and any other components that users need to navigate a product. Read more to learn about UX writing and why it is a growing profession.

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