distribution channels

Woman in the warehouse using one of the channel strategy for distribution

What You Can Do to Improve Your Distribution Channel Strategy

As a business owner, there are many aspects of your company you can choose to focus on – from your sales strategy and social media marketing to your financial situation. Most people tend to put most of their attention on those three aspects, so the distribution strategy is often left behind.

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Young florist holding beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers

The Benefits of Having a Customer-Driven Distribution System

Any business can quickly change its advertising strategy, its prices, and even revamp its entire product line. Of all marketing decisions, the distribution channels are generally the hardest to change once they’ve been set up.

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Women decorating cakes as a way to promote her business in one of the distribution channels

How and When to Use Distribution Channels to Grow Your Business

Every business in the world wants to be able to sell more and get higher profits. One of the best ways to achieve that is by getting your products out to more customers by selling through different venues. In order to do that, your company can choose to use different … Read more

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one hand hands the paper heart to the other hand as a metaphor for content syndication

Content Syndication – What it is, and how To use syndication networks to reach new audiences

The main idea behind any sort of marketing, no matter if it’s B2B or B2C, is to help spread brand awareness. That means that your goal, whenever you start any marketing initiative, is to reach as many people as possible and to make them interested in your company.  If you’ve … Read more

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