Eight Social Media Posting Ideas That Will Help Boost Engagement and Organic Reach

People rarely ever talk about this, but one of the toughest parts of creating a social media campaign and keeping a solid presence across multiple platforms is coming up with new and exciting ideas about what to post.

It’s expected from most marketers to be able to handle several social media accounts and to keep them constantly updated and engaging. While that may sound easy, it’s definitely not. Being consistent and posting non-stop is a difficult task, especially once you’ve done it for four, five, and more months. Most experienced marketers will tell you that it’s a good idea to have a few social media posting ideas in your back pocket for those days when inspiration just doesn’t strike you and you’re at a loss as to what to do.

This article will give you those types of ideas – ones that are easy to remember and fair game to use, regardless of what your company does and what it uses social media for. If you’re already in a rut, then you can think of us as your guardian angels coming down to save you with good ideas so that you can go back to producing engaging, exciting, and original content.

So, let’s jump in now!

Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

This format was first popular on Reddit, and it gives you a great chance to tell followers more about your business, your products, or your ongoing advertising campaigns. You can think of AMAs as something similar to a Q&A session where you get to talk to your followers and start building a relationship with them. Many marketers believe that AMAs are only for influencers that want to get closer to their target audience, but the reality is that they’re great for brands as well. Just consider this: by doing an AMA, you get to

  • Show a more human side to your business by letting the people see what’s behind the curtain.
  • Raise brand awareness without being salesy, pushy, or cliche.
  • Learn more about your followers and the kind of questions they have.

If your marketing team consists of several people, you can encourage every member to do his own AMA session over a particular period of time. That way, followers will get an even broader look at your company and will come to better understand the people behind it.

Share, Pin, Retweet, and Regram User Content

Who says that all your social media content has to come from you? You always have the opportunity to let followers and fans takeover. Along with that, you can also share relevant brands, photos, and articles from your industry, so that you can become a part of the broader conversation and engage your followers.

As you may know, brands should strive to follow the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule when it comes to promotion. That means that 80% of your feed should consist of engaging, exciting, and interesting content, leaving only 20% to promotional posts. This will help your social media profile feel more authentic and less like a sales pitch.

Besides, a simple regram or retweet costs you nothing – it takes a couple of seconds, and it still counts as new content, which helps when you have no time to come up with fresh content, but you want to keep the profile active and post something.

Create Short Videos

Nowadays, you cannot do marketing without videos. It’s an absolute must-do; regardless of what you aim to achieve with your social media profile, having videos is the best way to get engagement and expand your reach. With that said, many brands see videos as too big of a time investment and as something that’s out of reach for them.

However, if you consider that videos are a lot more likely to be seen, shared, and liked, you have to ask yourself what’s stopping you from making them. Short video clips are an excellent idea for all social media platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. With some of the current trends, making a viral video doesn’t really require professional footage and a ton of editing.

The most important thing here is to follow the latest trends and to be creative, as these types of videos are often what attract the largest audiences and keep them invested in your content.

Do Tutorials and How-to Videos

If you want to share information with your customers, there are other ways to do it besides creating blog posts. While articles are great because they remain evergreen and can be reused, how-to videos and tutorials are likely to get a ton more engagement, especially when shared on the right social media platform. A good example here would be Buzzfeed. They constantly create and share terrific recipes, breaking them down step by step. Each of their videos is short and easy to comprehend, making every person who watches it feel like he can create the same recipe in five minutes.

When it comes to making tutorials, you have to do your best to keep them under a minute. It’s vital to remember that most people have a relatively short attention span (especially when they’re scrolling through social media). If you want to keep them interested, you have to be quick and engaging from the jump. Additionally, you can score bonus points with the audience if you share your step-by-step tutorials as a caption below the post – that way, they can go back and reread only one part of the whole process instead of having to re-watch your video over and over again.

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Make Memes

This idea may sound all sorts of unprofessional to some of you, but you need to give it a chance. Hear me out: sharing humor is a way to provide a more human-like feel to your company. After all, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok aren’t meant to be used for professional content. Sharing something light and funny (and not offensive) will most likely appeal to your target audience that uses these networks. There are many great examples of businesses that use memes to promote their brand and product and manage to do so quite successfully.

With that said, you do need to consider that memes don’t stay relevant forever. They have a shelf life and most viral memes are typically tied to a current situation that’s being discussed now. It might be considered cringey or outdated if you share a meme too late. Still, if your brand has a lighter feel, heavy social media presence, and a young audience, memes are definitely a must-do content type that should have its place in your marketing strategy.

Run a Giveaway or a Contest

Ah, the good old promotion – people just can’t resist the idea of getting something they want for free. Doing one or two contests over a certain period is one of the best things you can do with your social media content if your main goal is to create engagement from followers. If you go to any Instagram account and you take a look at the engagement on posts that aren’t related to a giveaway/contest, compared to the ones that are, you will see a tremendous difference.

However, by making people like, comment, and tag others under your engaging social media posts, you’re getting free brand awareness and advertising, as your followers show your company to a multitude of other people. Along with that, doing a contest or a giveaway isn’t extremely difficult. You simply have to

  • Choose what to give away. In the best scenario, it will be something related to your brand (free products, a membership). If you choose to have a prize that’s unrelated to your offerings, you will only attract people who just want to win something and who aren’t reliable long-term followers.
  • Have terms & conditions. Regardless of what type of giveaway you’re doing, you must have the legal ground covered for your safety and to ensure participants that it isn’t a scam.
  • A point of contact. Participants need to have an e-mail address so that they can write to someone in case they have any questions or concerns.
  • Have an entrance idea. In order to enter the contest, people will have to do something that benefits your company in some way. Whether you make them create or share content or ask them to post about your brand and its products is up to you. It’s your job to think of what kind of entry would be most successful when it comes to getting engagement and driving brand awareness. After all, the idea behind this contest/giveaway is not to just give out free stuff.

A good tip you have to remember is to use a specific hashtag for the contest – that’s the best way to keep track of everything that’s going on. Another vital reminder is to not run a contest every two weeks. Giveaways and contests are a terrific way to increase your engagement and follower count, but they have to be done wisely – otherwise, they will start to get old and boring pretty quickly.

Create a Series of Posts

If you don’t want your feed to look like a series of random posts, then you might consider actually creating content pieces that are tied to each other and get posted over the course of a week or a month.

The good idea is to start a series that enables you to interact with your followers on a regular basis, something that they will want to interact with and share on their own feeds or with close friends and family. This is one way to boost your brand awareness. Additionally, by consistently providing engaging content, you can train your audience to expect your posts at a particular time and wait for them to come each month or week.

Do a Social Media Takeover

Sometimes doing something new and fresh means letting someone take over from you for a day or two. Social media takeovers enable you to hand over your accounts to another person for a particular period of time (usually 24 hours). In that timeframe, they’re the ones that have to come up with social media posting ideas.

Handing off your social media accounts to a celebrity or a well-known influencer is a terrific way to gain momentum, build brand awareness and get your company in front of people who have never heard of it before. Each person who takes over brings something unique to the table that spices up your content and excites your followers.

If you decide to do a takeover, you need to consider which of the people/companies you’re working with might be a good fit for it. After all, the idea behind a takeover is to get more exposure to a demographic that’s relevant to your own, which is why making the proper choice is vital. For example, if your company sells gym equipment or offers fitness-related services, choosing an influencer that you’re working with that creates a healthy lifestyle and gym-related content is a perfect fit. Their audience will already be interested in what you’re offering, and your partnership with an influencer they have faith in will solidify your brand as trustworthy.

Give New Ideas a Try

If you’re tired of posting the same old content, then why don’t you take the plunge and give some of these social media posting ideas a try? It may turn out that they bring you more engagement than you considered possible. Even if you feel like the idea might be a little out of your comfort zone, you still should consider trying it. Just because you’re a company on social media doesn’t mean that you have to be boring and adhere to some sort of private rules. With so many options available, your feed should not feel like a business proposal or a standard company website.

If you need some more tips on marketing, how to maintain a social media presence or how to establish your brand amongst your target customers, then pay a visit to our blog, where you will find more helpful articles that cover these topics and more. Also, don’t forget to follow us on all our social media profiles, as we use them to share quick tips and tricks, as well as insightful information on all the latest news in the world of business and marketing.

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