10 Tools To Use If You Want Your Video to Rank on YouTube

Deciding which social media platform to use to develop your business is incredibly difficult nowadays. With the rise of TikTok and the presence of other options such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest, choosing only one or two based on the preferences of your target audience is a challenge.

If it turns out that your audience is not on any of those “viral” social media platforms, but is on the good ol’ YouTube, then you get presented with a new set of challenges. The thing with YouTube is that, unlike Facebook or Twitter, it eventually went out of style.

While the craze of 2012 when everyone seemed to be a YouTuber has gone away, many content creators prefer YouTube’s long-length, high-quality video format for their content. You may become a part of that group of people if you feel like the people that would be interested in your company spend most of their time on YouTube.

With that said, you will quickly find that while creating content for YouTube is difficult, getting that content to be viewed and even go viral is even more challenging. That is why, in today’s article, we will be telling you how to get your videos to rank on YouTube, how the YouTube algorithm works, and what YouTube tools you can use to make your content reach its target audience.

Let’s get started.

Why You Need To Think About SEO, Even When It Comes to YouTube

If you have a business and you’re starting a YouTube channel, the main reason you’re doing it is to promote your brand to the target audience you’ve selected. However, for that to happen, the videos and the content must first be well made and entice the audience to want to watch them. That’s why for most companies their marketing strategy has to be focused on optimizing the content by using either free or paid SEO tools for YouTube.

Something most people aren’t aware of is the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and so optimizing the content for your videos with the help of a YouTube SEO tool is necessary so that you can increase your reach and start growing your channel’s following.

Along with that, you should keep in mind that SEO for YouTube and SEO for Google are different and so it’s vital that you use both tools and techniques that are specifically made for YouTube SEO. For example, some of the key differences include the fact that Google’s search engine primarily looks for backlinks, domain, and content, while YouTube SEO is focused on video titles, optimizing channels and playlists, and looking through descriptions and metadata.

Having said all that, you probably now understand why SEO for YouTube is needed – it’s the best way to ensure that your videos rank on YouTube and reach their target audience.

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10 Best Tools To Boost Your Videos’ Rank on YouTube

Now that you know how vital YouTube SEO is for the success of your business videos, let’s take a look at all the tools you can use to optimize your content on the video creation platform. While saying that boosting the rank of a video and increasing overall viewership should be a goal is easy, actually doing it can be highly challenging.

Fortunately, we at Camberlion are here to help you by giving you valuable insights, tips, and tricks and by sharing some of the best tools (both free and paid) that we’ve used and that truly help boost your videos’ rank on YouTube.

Let’s see what they are.

Google Analytics

You cannot do SEO optimization without using Google Analytics. To this day, it remains the best tool for real-time statistics, analysis, and problem-solving, as it allows you to check your content’s performance over time and determine what’s actually working and what isn’t.

YouTube Analytics

Along with Google, YouTube has its own analytics platform that’s one of the best in the business. With it, you can determine what’s working for your channel and what isn’t. It shows everything – from the audience’s interests to the watch time for videos and all kinds of other statistics that get updated in real-time.

Google Keyword Planner

As you know, keywords are the basis of all SEO optimization, and finding the right ones is key. That’s where Google’s keyword planner comes into play to help you find the right keywords and analyze their search volume. Out of all of the free keyword tools you may use, this one we consider to be the best.

YouTube Autosuggest

YouTube’s Autosuggest tool is easy to use and incredibly efficient for finding keywords for video descriptions, titles, and tags. All you need is to type in the keyword or the title of your video into the search bar, and then the search engine will autosuggest other relevant keywords.


Keywordtool.io is another terrific keyword search tool that enables you to look for keywords and analyze data volumes. It’s free, and you can find thousands of keywords and hashtags and get inspiration for optimizing your YouTube SEO.


Coming up with tags to use for your video is a challenging task. Rapidtags is the perfect tool for those moments when you think you’re done with everything and you’re ready to post but then you get stuck trying to come up with relevant tags. With Rapidtags, all you have to do is enter your keyword into the search box, and then the tool will give you multiple relevant tag suggestions that you can use. While this part of the tool is free, Rapidtags also has additional features that you can use after subscribing.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is an incredible tool that helps you track a keyword’s ranking on SERP. It enables you to analyze the ranking performance of the keywords you want to use and can do additional tracking based on your specific location. It’s a great tool to use when analyzing your SEO performance as it can help you see if there are any keywords that you might want to leave behind.


You may have heard this tool referred to as the “all-in-one YouTube SEO solution,” and that’s for a good reason. VidIQ gives you all the statistics you need to track your videos’ performance on YouTube. Along with that, it enables users to share videos across multiple social media channels, look at how their competitors are performing, and much more. All in all, if there’s only one tool from this whole list that you absolutely have to use, it’s VidIQ – with it you will be able to manage your YouTube performance efficiently while also taking a look at what other brands are doing and getting some inspiration for future campaigns.

Rival IQ

Personally, we absolutely love this tool. It’s great to use for moments when you’re stuck and have difficulty coming up with new ways to promote your videos and your brand. With Rival IQ, you can take a look at how your competitors’ videos are performing on YouTube, as well as what keywords and tags they’re using, which ones are working and which aren’t, and a lot of other statistics that will help you figure out which ideas of theirs are worth implementing and which aren’t.

Smart Moderator

Smart Moderator has the reputation as a crowd favorite amongst marketers who use YouTube as a platform. That’s because this AI-based software acts as a moderator for your YouTube channel and helps remove unwanted comments from underneath your videos. The great thing about it is that over time it starts to learn on its own and can better spot which comments should be deleted, meaning that the more you use it, the better it becomes at its job and the more benefit you get out of it.

Final Thought

With this last tool, we can conclude our top 10 list of must-use tools for YouTube SEO. As marketers, we also have to remember that even though tools are great at making our jobs easier and more efficient, they’re only a small part of the puzzle. At the end of the day, for many campaigns to be successful (regardless of whether it’s on YouTube or another social media platform), it has to be engaging, fresh, exciting, and captivating for the target audience. We strongly advise you to invest in your team and your own knowledge. We’re sure that investment will pay back 10 times over.

As always, if you found this blog post helpful, be sure to check out our other articles and our social media channels, where we continually share helpful information.

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