How to Gain More TikTok Likes

Nowadays, almost everyone is on TikTok. It has become the leading social media platform for many of us, from young adults and teenagers to brands, celebrities, and budding influencers. 

It’s not surprising as TikTok offers all of us an easy way to consume content without having to dedicate much of our time or brainpower to understand it. Unlike blogs, Instagram, and Facebook posts or YouTube videos, TikTok’s content format allows us to get the information or entertainment we want without almost any effort on our end.

Currently, TikTok has 80 million active users between the ages of 18 – 24, 60% of which are females, and that makes it a terrific place to market new products and services.  

That’s why it’s vital to have a TikTok account for your business: it’s an incredible way to build a connection with your target audience, market your products and create brand awareness. However, you likely know all that already, and you need to learn how to grow your account by getting more likes and followers. We’re here to help by giving you some easy tips that you can follow in order to increase your popularity on one of the best-liked social media networks in the world.

So, let’s get started. 

10 Tips for Getting More TikTok Likes

Optimize Your TikTok Profile

The first thing you have to do when creating your TikTok profile is think of a memorable, catchy, and fun username that will be easy to remember. If you’re a brand, the best thing you can do is either use the company name or a funnier version of it. However, having a good username is not the only step you have to take to optimize your profile. There are a few other things you have to do:

  • Choose a high-quality profile picture that will help viewers recognize you easily.
  • Link all your other social media channels to your TikTok profile.
  • Make your profile public so that others can view your videos. 

Create a Niche with Great Content 

When you’re a brand, you already have a target audience interested in your products and services. That’s why it’s easier to create niche content that will make your videos more recognizable for your followers. However, that will likely not be enough so that you become a popular account on the platform. 

Another thing you can do to get your videos to be liked on TikTok is to create content based on current trends, but with a fresh twist that’s unique to your brand and utilizes your products. The main thing you have to remember is to make videos that are refreshing, entertaining, informational, or funny. 

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Stay on Top of TikTok Trends 

Trends on TikTok change month to month, or even from week to week. People come up with new dances or start using new sounds that quickly go viral and take over the entire app. A great way to join in the fun is by participating in the weekly challenges and using the different hashtags. 

TikTok has a “Discover” tab, where users can find new videos under the hashtags that are either trending this week or that are getting paid for by brands. It should be a goal of yours to reach this tab, as it will give your company exposure in front of a large audience of potential customers.

Make Shorter Videos

Most young people tend to have a short attention span and don’t really like watching long-form content. TikTok is just the social media network for them, as most people go to the platform in order to mindlessly spend their time just scrolling through their “For You” page. Along with that, TikTok’s algorithm considers watch time, so shorter videos are shown more frequently since most people watch them until the end. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to create content with no value or that’s overly entertaining. Instead, just make videos that communicate your message efficiently. 

Choose a Video Format and Stick with It 

Engaging videos on TikTok typically follow a particular pattern: they usually either follow a popular trend or have a beginning, middle, and end part and are more informative. 

In the beginning, it’s good to experiment with different formats until you find one that your audience responds best to. Once that happens, and you have an idea of which videos are popular with your followers, stick with the format and use it for all of your content.

Post Frequently To Get Likes on TikTok

In order for you to be able to reach more viewers, you need to post content frequently. The best way to achieve that is by creating a posting schedule for videos so that each week you know what content you have to make and which videos have to be posted. 

A great way to do this is to choose one day for shooting videos and another for editing them. Once that’s done, you can determine when to post the content – on which days and how often. By having this kind of structure, it will be easier for you to attract an engaged audience that’s aware of when to look for new videos from you. 

Remember to treat your TikTok account like an investment. It’s likely that in the beginning, you won’t be able to get a lot of likes. However, that shouldn’t discourage you and stop you from posting. Instead, you have to keep making content, and soon enough, you will be seeing more engagement on your account. 

Try to Generate More Engagement

Getting engagement is crucial for popularizing your profile. That’s why it’s vital for you to make videos that invite viewers to like, comment, and share them because that’s what will help you get more views and hopefully become viral.

Another thing that it’s unique to TikTok is the so-called “stitch,” which is basically a response to your video from another user. Obviously, that’s the hardest one to get, and it’s also the one that will drive the most engagement to your account as it will trick the algorithm into placing your video more frequently on the “For You” pages of users.

Think of Interesting Video Titles and Utilize Hashtags

I often see people search for “how to get more views on TikTok” and seek ways to buy followers or likes. My advice is not to go that route, especially if you’re a brand. You don’t want to get your account banned or risk jeopardizing your image, just for a few hundred TikTok likes.

One of the easiest ways to get more views and possible likes on the platform is by having creative video titles and using the right hashtags that will help you reach your target audience. My advice is to think of intriguing, clickbait-like titles before you post the video, in fact, maybe before you even create it. If you come up with a title that might hook an audience, you just need to back it up with quality content in order to get likes on Tiktok. However, if your video is terrible, even the best title won’t be able to save it. That’s why the rule is title first, creation second.

Along with that, one of the essential tips for publishing TikTok videos that go viral is using the right hashtags. In the beginning, it may be challenging to figure out which hashtags are the ones that are the best for reaching your target audience, and that’s why it’s good to experiment with different ones at that time. However, once you’ve analyzed which hashtags drive more views and likes, save them on your phone and use them on every post you make.

Use Your Own Sounds and Music 

If you’re really creative, a terrific way to get more TikTok likes is by using parts of songs or specific sounds that are new to the platform. 

Now that’s not an easy job to do – you have to consider what songs might fit into the idea of your video or how a specific dialogue from a movie may fit the content you’re creating. If you manage to do that, you will be creating content that’s really unique and stands out from the rest of the videos on the platform. Furthermore, making a sound viral is a great way to generate brand awareness.

Understand the Way the “For You” Page Works

The “For You” page is the first thing every user sees upon opening the TikTok application. Thanks to the algorithm, on this page, TikTok curates videos that it thinks might be interesting to users, depending on what they previously liked, watched, or shared. 

The algorithm takes into account the content you recently liked and, based on that, starts to show you similar videos. If TikTok considers your videos to be popular or interesting to a certain audience, it will show them more frequently on the “For You” page.

Additionally, you can also do a paid promotion. That way, your video will get shown on the “For You” pages of members of your target audience, thus helping you get more likes and hopefully new followers. 


If you want to get Millennials of Gen Z folks to be interested in your brand and products, then TikTok is the social media network for your business. Its popularity is growing each month, and the content created there is specifically targeted at younger people. 

That being said, if you want to be able to create videos for TikTok and to grow your brand on the platform, you have to be ready to become more creative and more trendy.

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