Your Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing

Every entrepreneur knows they need a strong social media presence in 2021. Choosing which platform best matches your business is quite the challenge. Many different social media platforms fight to get your advertising dollars and become an essential source of your marketing efforts.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube all want you to use their platform to find your ideal target market, generate leads and grow your small business.

Yet, platforms don’t target everyone’s ideal customers and aren’t created equal, especially when it comes to marketing your business. When it comes to YouTube’s marketing agency, they have over 1.9 billion active monthly users, and the average YouTuber spends more than 40 minutes every visit. So, there’s no question whether your target audience is on the platform; they definitely are!

If you’re researching an efficient way to market your business, there’s no better channel than YouTube to ensure your business is properly taken care of.

But YouTube isn’t for everyone. After all, if you dislike creating videos and hate editing content, then YouTube is not for you. Furthermore, you must become engaged at 100% before your advertising and marketing efforts reach some kind of success. So, is YouTube worth your commitment?

YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, with over 2 billion users and virtually no competitors. The fact is, video content will always be more engaging than any other form of content. This is because videos are naturally engaging and more accessible for consumers.

A video is a powerful tool. The good news is you don’t need to empty your wallet and spend all your money to introduce YouTube advertising into your business strategy. If you create a good channel and post quality content regularly, you’ll reach a flood of new customers in no time.

YouTube Marketing Tactics to Reach Your Full Business Potential

There are several ways to market your business, generate new leads, or sell products through your YouTube channel. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you need to take advantage of as many promotional tactics as you possibly can. Whether you’re just getting acquainted or want to see your numbers grow like a wildfire, these tips are all fair game.

YouTube marketing is all about presentation and first impressions. Titles are make-it or break-it when it comes to your video’s performance. No matter how great your video is, it doesn’t matter if you can’t drive anyone to click on your video to watch it.

The key is crafting an entertaining, killer title to grab your audience’s attention. People crave content that’s entertaining or strikes their attention with your word selection. Likewise, they want to know what your video is about.

YouTube’s title limit is 100 words, but around 50 to 55 characters is where titles start to cut off the screen on a desktop computer. You could add a cliffhanger at this point of the title to keep your viewers on edge. Don’t forget to spend some time on your descriptions as well.

Keywords are another crucial aspect of YouTube marketing. Think about your YouTube videos like any other piece of content that needs to be optimized. Think about the right words to add to your title to attract your ideal audience. That’s why SEO is so important.

When choosing which keywords are best for your business, keep intent in mind; why are people looking up this phrase? For instance, “marketing software low price” might not be as valuable as “marketing software for small businesses”, depending on what your business is looking for. Also, consider the competitiveness of the keyword against your current YouTube channel engagement.

Ultimately, you want to target low competitive phrases if you’re just getting started. There’s no correct answer; you’ll know what keywords you need to use if you know your niche.

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Create Regular YouTube Video Content

The opportunities on YouTube are virtually endless. Of course, the more engagement your video receives, the better you’ll rank on YouTube. In fact, even if your content ranks at the very top with your list of keywords, if it isn’t entertaining or newsworthy, it won’t stay there very long.

On the other hand, continuously updating your YouTube channel keeps your feed active, boosts your online presence, and builds an audience. Comments, shares, and new subscribers are all indications that your video is worth watching.

When you watch a video on YouTube, how often do you hear near the end of the video, “if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up or comment”? YouTube will rank your search results higher when there are more likes and comments or many people subscribe to your channel.

Sometimes, just asking for engagement is the best way to get your videos noticed. The best YouTube creators know this; that’s why they ask you to subscribe.

The first step to an effective YouTube marketing strategy is to have an original channel layout. When people come to visit your business profile, they need to know what you’re about and what types of videos you have, so get to the point within 10 seconds.

Did you know that 20% of people will abandon your video after just 10 seconds? Avoid lengthy content and get to the point fast. Another technique is to use the open-loop strategy to promise to discuss something the viewer wants to see and keep them watching to know the answer. Keep your energy and enthusiasm high and keep your viewers entertained throughout the entire process.

Get to Know Your Audience

Why are you using and why did you choose YouTube to market your business? How does YouTube reach your ideal audience compared to other social media platforms?

When you start to create content, you want to make sure it’s aligned with what your audience wants to see. So, whether you’re creating a video or showcasing a promotional campaign, start by getting to know your audience. Ask the right questions and get to know what type of content they want to see. Ideally, you should only publish videos that capture the interests of your target market. It’s okay to publish unrelated content here and there but don’t forget that your subscribers chose your channel because they liked your content, your publications, and what your company stands for.

If you’re starting your marketing journey on YouTube, look at your competitor’s videos. It will give you an excellent idea of what your audience would want to learn about and will help you establish a recurrent theme for your videos. You’ll reach the most success if you focus on a niched-down target market.

The success of your YouTube channel is at least partly determined by whether you’ve got the targeting right. Get specific! There’s no need to spend money on people that aren’t interested in your product. Instead, start with demographic information and whittle down your audience by specific interest. The better you understand why you’re using YouTube, the easier it will be to choose a strategy to target your ideal audience.

Create Your Brand

The primary key to branding your YouTube channel is to create your brand. You should have a logo, colors, thumbnails, descriptions, and similar visuals.

The goal is to make your brand a recognizable one. Branding your channel is just as important as branding a business or a website. It takes five to seven impressions before a potential customer remembers a brand. One of the simplest yet effective factors to promote your YouTube channel is creating your custom thumbnail.

Think of your thumbnail as a one-two punch to grab your viewer’s attention. Display your company logo, your face, or anything that showcases your business. It helps people recognize who you are and enables you to foster a stronger connection.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Entertain them, grab their attention with your wild color choice or your original font, and don’t be scared to do something a little crazy. Almost all successful YouTube channels have consistent branding using things like color schemes and formatting.

Now that you comprehend the different types of marketing opportunities, it’s time to turn your attention to building your own YouTube marketing strategy.

It’s no secret that videos are a crucial element to boost your social media engagement and performance. Promoting your YouTube channel to other social media platforms encourages them to become subscribers.

A common tactic that professionals use is to collaborate with other users. Each new collaboration gives you exposure to a new audience. The best part of a new collaboration is that new viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel since they already know the person you’re affiliated with. The key to success is finding the proper collaboration.

Growing a YouTube channel doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t happen by accident. Try various tactics and while some may require more effort than others, keep your eye on the prize.

Retargeting Ads

One of the most powerful functions of any online advertising platform is the ability to retarget people that have already displayed their interest in your business. YouTube’s marketing agency created a channel with the goal of selling other people’s products. When you make sales, you receive a commission from the company whose products you’ve sold.

The fundamental benefit of monetizing your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing is that it’s an excellent way to drive engagement and sales. To get the best results, you need to combine your marketing efforts with ads, especially with retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads generate the highest ROI and best conversion rates. You can retarget people who viewed your YouTube videos and ads. For the best results, target people who watched a specific video, as you can create custom and relevant offers. Publish several videos that contain entertaining and educational content related to the products you want to promote. After all, you have the luxury of cherry-picking the best performing organic videos based on views, comments, and likes.

Building an online community on YouTube is simply a matter of consistency and video quality. Create your schedule and publish original, consistent content and stick to it.

We’ve discussed different types of marketing, building your own marketing strategy, branding your channel, and finding success by retargeting ads. Success on YouTube comes with time, patience and practice, so get out there! Apply the basic principles outlined and grow your presence. Remember, you won’t find success overnight, but continue to produce high-quality content and know you can deliver outstanding results. Now, it’s time to act!

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