Is Facebook Promotion Worth It in 2022?

If you look back at what marketing was like just 10 years ago, you will likely be shocked. It was all about billboards, radio ads, printed ads, and television ads back then. Nowadays, most of these advertising methods are considered outdated, and they don’t work at all.

That being said, today, deciding how to advertise your company has become a much more complicated decision to make, as the options are endless. It can be said that currently, Google and Facebook are the dominant players in online marketing, even though they offer totally different ways to advertise products and entice new customers.

In this article, we will discuss Facebook marketing in detail. In particular, we will talk about whether it’s still worth it, what makes business owners doubt its effectiveness, and how Facebook ads can help you grow your business by increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Facebook Promotion: What Does It Look Like Currently?

You may be wondering whether creating a Facebook promotion is something worth doing, especially since it’s clear that the major players in the social media realm are now TikTok and Instagram, where most of the younger generations reside. It’s important to note that Facebook is still the favorite platform of people between the ages of 25-54, and they spend an average of 50 minutes per day browsing the app.

If you need some proof of how effective Facebook advertising can be, let’s s take a look at some statistics:

  • Facebook has an average of 2.91 billion active users, making it the biggest social media platform.
  • In 2020, Facebook’s ad revenue grew by 4.9%, considering the challenges that the global pandemic caused.
  • Currently, the cost per action (CPA) for Facebook ads is, on average, around $18, meaning that it’s more expensive than ever to advertise on the platform.
  • After clicking on a Facebook app, 26% of the users tend to make purchases, which can be enticing to business owners who are willing to overlook the higher cost per conversion.

Even though new social media platforms are gaining more and more traction, Facebook promotion is still a key player in the digital marketing game that can bring a ton of success to your business if you use it correctly.

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Eight Different Ways to Do Facebook Advertising

Let’s take a look at how Facebook remains a powerful digital marketing tool. As of right now, there are eight different kinds of ads you can post on Facebook:

  • Photo ad: This is perhaps the most popular type, consisting of a photo with simple text around it.
  • Video ad: This is a video advertisement with text above it and another smaller video that fits in the news feed.
  • Stories ad: Similar to the Stories feature on Instagram, your ad just runs in between Stories.
  • Carousel ad: This is simply a group of photos that users can go through in the news feed.
  • Slideshow: It’s the same thing as a carousel, except here you can use videos as well as photos.
  • Collection: This can be used to show products in a collection.
  • Messenger: An ad can run directly in the Messenger app.
  • Playable: This gives viewers a chance to test out the software before downloading it.

Although there are many different types of ads you can run, there are ways to get the most out of each of them:

Precision Targeting

This is probably the best feature of Facebook marketing as it allows you to target particular audiences with your ads. Through the Facebook ads manager, you can create a custom audience that fits the criteria for what you think your ideal buyers’ persona is (age, gender, interests, location, and more). The cool thing is that the more you use this option, the more refined your target audience will become.

Terrific Advanced Ad Options

Even though Facebook offers a pretty basic ad format, it also has boosted posts, follower polls, interactive Canvas ads, and even adaptive videos. Whatever cool thing you want to do with your advertising campaign, it’s likely that there will be a way to do it on Facebook. Along with that, the Facebook IQ is an incredible insights section that will help you get a better understanding of customer trends on Facebook.

Engaging the Community

If you already have a loyal following, Facebook can be a perfect place for people of that following to gather. Thanks to your business page, you can start growing your following, and with the use of groups, you can better understand what your customers like and what the current trends are. Along with that, Facebook can be a terrific place to gather feedback and respond to fair criticism.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s true that Google has stated that social media links don’t count for SEO. However, there’s still a correlation. If your business creates great products or posts valuable content, feedback and reviews will likely be shared on social media. From there, it’s possible that people will link that information to their blog posts and on different websites, which will help boost your SEO as links drive traffic to your website.

Key Takeaways

Is Facebook promotion still worth it? Absolutely. Even though there’s a ton of competition out there, Facebook remains a social media giant with a huge influence and a great advertising platform.

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