Top 10 StreamYard Alternatives

What’s StreamYard and is there a need for StreamYard alternatives? The world of streaming has grown substantially in the past few years, leading more and more people to question exactly what it entails. As an avid viewer, knowing the best places to catch your favorite streamers is a must. As an up-and-coming streamer, assessing your options for streaming platforms can be the determining factor of your career.

Based on preferences, there is a list of live streaming studios that you can access to enter the streaming world. Knowing what you are looking for along with understanding your options will set you up for the best streaming experience possible.

There are key elements that should be considered when choosing where you stream. Pricing is an important aspect to most and could possibly be a reason for choosing one platform over another. Looking at the various features that are included is also a key determinant when it comes to choosing the best streaming platform for you. Read on to learn more.

What is StreamYard?

StreamYard is a live streaming network where users can share their screens, converse, and invite guests into their spaces. It is an effective technique if users are hoping to quickly increase their viewership and following. Some people choose to broadcast straight to other sites such as Twitch, YouTube, and more.

Most users utilize StreamYard for conducting live interviews with multiple individuals. The platform encourages its users to take advantage of every feature, one being the ability for multiple participants to join a session at once. Rather than just replying to comments and questions, StreamYard takes it a step further and allows users the freedom for live conversation.

There are many bells and whistles that add to the charm of StreamYard. If users find that their audience is waning, they can add features like photographs, GIFs, movies, different colors, and more to their screen with just a click of a button. Users are also given the freedom to create their own personalized logos and graphics in minutes.

StreamYard has been proven to be an effective, useful live streaming network for its users. Users not only have the basics at the tips of their fingers, but they can also utilize tools that handle aesthetic details, technical details, and more to liven up their content. Although there are many people who prefer StreamYard to all else, the internet is filled with StreamYard alternatives that can offer the same or more!

StreamYard Pricing and Features

When looking for StreamYard alternatives, it is important to see how they match up as competitors. Firstly, StreamYard Pricing may look familiar to streaming connoisseurs. There is a free plan that comes along with the ability to screen share, add banners, display on-screen comments, and have six on-screen participants. The free plan also allows users the freedom to use their brand colors, use green screen features, stream anywhere, use StreamYard branding in their streams, and have streaming limits.

The Basic Plan is the most popular at $20 per month on an annual billing cycle. It includes everything in the free plan as well as no proof of StreamYard branding in your streams, unlimited streaming, 10 on-screen participants, logos, overlays, backgrounds, custom RTMP destinations, recording six hours per stream, multistreaming in three destinations, and pre-recorded streams.

The Professional Plan is $39 a month and includes everything in the Basic Plan as well as recording 10 hours per stream, multistreaming in eight destinations, 1080p quality, individual audio recordings, and the ability to use multiple cameras. Depending on your wants and needs, these three plans can provide exactly that.

Guest Interviews

With guest interviews, StreamYard gives users the power to invite guests with just one click. Guests are able to join from any device without the need to download anything additional. The host is also able to swap guests in and out if needed. After all is said and done, users can download their audio tracks and video recordings for repurposing.


Multistreaming lets users simulcast to other platforms, making it easy to connect with their community. StreamYard works alongside Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and even custom RTMP outputs.

Here, users can share comments and be equally present to viewers from all across the world no matter where they are watching from. Users also have the ability to stream anywhere that supports RTMP.

Audience Engagement

The audience engagement features pull an audience in and keep them there. A streamer can highlight various comments, spotlight viewers, and include the audience in unique, engaging ways.

The invitation feature allows users to invite audience members on the screen to be guests without having to make them download anything. The giveaway tool is used to host live giveaway contests during streaming. The winner is chosen by a random, automated draw, making it an easy, quick way to engage the audience even further.


When it comes to branding, StreamYard encourages users to personalize their streams with their own logo, banners, name tags, backgrounds, overlays, and more. It makes content appear more dynamic and, of course, on-brand.


Not only can users automatically record live streams to be downloaded later on, but they also have the option to record without going live with StreamYard. Whether users just want the audio or HD video, they can download to their desire with the freedom to even edit separate audio tracks of guests.

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Here are top 10 StreamYard alternatives

1.YouTube Live

YouTube Live is number one on the list of StreamYard alternatives due to its sheer popularity amongst streamers. A few of the features include connecting with viewers in real-time, whether playing a video game, conducting a question-and-answer forum, or just engaging with the audience.

It is a free alternative to StreamYard, which is something its users value, and has more features than a top competitor: Facebook Live. The usability of YouTube Live is easy to navigate; it is easy to find videos on the platform. They take great pride in their advanced search feature.

Another perk is that a Youtube Live API is available, allowing quick application support to live streaming functionality. This means that users can stream on YouTube while also streaming on other platforms. Apps can also be used in conjunction.

2.Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is a preferred StreamYard alternative due to, firstly, being a free option and, secondly, being a platform with many benefits. Vimeo actually purchased the startup called “Livestream” in 2017, combining their services and website to create Vimeo Livestream.

The main focus of this company is to complete end-to-end integration. Vimeo Livestream also supplies many hardware components like encoders and cameras, which are specifically designed to work with Vimeo Livestream.

Whether users want to live stream or use it as a video hosting service, Vimeo Livestream gives users the ability to do whatever they like. A few fundamental features included are analytics, tracking, and production assistance. With premium plans, which are priced at $75 per month, users can do white-label streaming, have password security, and do live transcoding.

Player API, API tools, and Channel API are the types of API capability that are available on Vimeo Livestream. With these, users can personalize, adjust, and control all their material. Custom integration is made easier.

3.IBM Cloud Video

Not many knew about IBM Cloud Video and why it made such a great StreamYard alternative until recently. It began as UStream and was transformed into IBM Cloud Video in 2017. It began as a tool to connect military personnel with their loved ones, but it has evolved into a popular streaming platform.

Live streaming is the main, fundamental feature of this platform. Under the Basic plan, which is free, users will have to support advertising for IBM Cloud Video. Paid accounts can get rid of the ads along with the inclusion of many features such as tailored branding, multiple live channels, engagement insights, and more.

The Professional Silver Plan is priced at $99 a month while the Professional Gold Plan is priced at $499 per month. Further than that, if users are looking for a live streaming platform that includes top-of-the-line features, they can opt for the Professional Platinum Plan at $999 every month.


When streaming comes up in conversation, Twitch is probably mentioned as a top contender. This StreamYard alternative began as but then had a major transformation into Twitch in 2014. Amazon purchased Twitch in the same year to create the popular platform of today.

Twitch users can stream on a variety of platforms once the app is downloaded from the official Twitch website. They can use it on iOS, Mac, Windows, PS4, and many more platforms. Setting up an account, for streamers or watchers alike, is completely free.

Twitch streamers typically have two video captures occurring simultaneously to display the game as well as the streamers themselves. This unique perspective is something that Twitch popularized with its features.

Twitch users on the platform pay a price of $4.99 per month with the Tier 1 Subscription, $9.99 each month with the Tier 2 Subscription, and $24.99 per month with the Tier 3 Subscription. As the tiers increase, so do the features included.

5.Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live Streaming has rapidly grown as a prominent StreamYard alternative since its launch in April of 2016. There are millions of people who use Facebook on a daily basis, which benefited the transition into live stream sessions. Because of this built-in audience, Facebook Live Streaming has been increasingly popular.

Some features that are included are the ability to stream live from a high-quality compatible camera with the assistance of Facebook Live API, viewers being able to react and share the stream, and an automatic recording of the stream being published immediately after it ends.

Facebook Live Streaming is also free, which serves the people who want to take up streaming as a productive pastime. Users can also use the video API in order to interface with other current workflows.


You may have heard of Vzaar, but this is the 2.0 version. Dacast has presented itself as a StreamYard alternative due to its business-centric features. With this platform, users can easily and efficiently upload their movies. There are also multiple configurable design choices that are included.

With Dacast, encoding, security, APIs, analytics, and content management are possible. The multi-platform can be used on Macs, PCs, and iOS devices. There are many additional features as well that make encoding, uploading, quality control, security, appearance, and video administration easy.

Dacast gives its users the option of a full live streaming solution along with professional online video hosting. Users can embed videos on their website while maintaining complete control over all material. There is also an integrated pay wall, an analytics dashboard, and security protocols.

Users can use Dacast to stream for $39 per month with the Starter package, $63 per month with the Event package, and $188 every month with the Scale package. Whether a business is large or small, Dacast has a useful package.


Many people turn to this StreamYard alternative due to its sheer variety and ability when compared to other streaming platforms. Businesses, influencers, bloggers, and content creators can use this platform to stream live as well as record material to audiences on different platforms such as Mixer, YouTube, Periscope, and more.

Users have the ability to customize the chat interface using templates and themes to do things like add a chatbox to a video broadcast, manage various conversations, or make it easier to engage with audiences.

There are many different features like metadata updates, live voiceovers and translations, automatic warnings, bots, customizable branding, and more. Users can also upload recorded movies as well as schedule broadcasts for a specific date, time, and platform.

Restream can be free, $16 per month, $41 per month, $83 per month, and $249 per month depending on which plan is chosen. As the price rises, features that are included in the plan increase.


As a lesser-known streaming platform, BeLive has quickly made a name for itself in the streaming world. It is a cloud based StreamYard alternative that allows content producers and smaller enterprises to create customizable programs live on Facebook and YouTube for optimal interaction with communities.

With BeLive, users can share screens during live sessions, invite visitors, and display audience interactions. Businesses that prioritize streaming can also personalize their page by adding graphics, furthering their brand identification with consumers. Broadcasts can also be scheduled, private notes can be created for live sessions, and podcast audio tracks can be downloaded.

BeLive gives presenters the ability to develop video material while they are offline and concurrently stream their material across many different platforms. Android and iOS mobile apps are also provided that allow visitors to join via invites.

To use BeLive, users can opt for the basic, free plan that allows limited features. With Standard+, users can pay $17.49 per month for multiple features and $26.25 with Pro which has unlimited features.


Streamlabs is another StreamYard alternative that should be deeply considered due to its accessibility and widgets. Streamlabs OBS, which is the flagship application, updates Open Broadcaster Software tools with a new user interface and content, allowing users to stay on top of things at all times.

Streamers can easily configure and switch between different stream layouts using a layout editor as well as selectively record when they like. There are “Monetize” and “Engage” widgets that allow users to earn money from fans all while viewing data on their follower numbers, cheers, subscriptions, and more.

Streamlabs services are free on macOS and Windows PCs, and for $19 per month, users can get Streamlabs Prime. With this, there are even more layouts and professional features available such as merchandising and multistreaming.


Ending our list of StreamYard alternatives, Wirecast is not a streaming platform that should be dismissed. It is cloud based and includes playlist building, screen captures, online conferencing, and audio mixing.

Event organizers like to use this platform to capture live or pre-recorded video, photos, or audio in order to create professional material. Wirecast includes a stock media library, which gives professionals access to many different media assets when they do live broadcasts. This includes built-in clocks, scoreboards, immediate replays, and stopwatches.

Wirecast Studio is priced at a one-time payment of $599 per feature while Wirecast Pro is $799 per feature.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just getting started in the streaming world or are a seasoned professional, it is important to consider all your options when choosing where to stream from. Pricing and features are two key elements that should be assessed before diving in. Although StreamYard is a fan favorite, there are many different StreamYard alternatives to choose from.

Hopefully, this list gave you all the information necessary to make a wise, beneficial decision. Although there are many to choose from, they are each the perfect choice for somebody. You do not have to be the most popular streamer or have the most experience to find what works best for you.

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