11 Ways LinkedIn Benefits Your Business

The world is now a global market, and to benefit from that market, you need to have a global presence. However, you cannot do that if you are unaware of creating and maintaining a virtual identity for your business.

Possessing a stellar LinkedIn business page that speaks to the quality of your business’s vision and the passion with which you conduct your business operations makes it easy and possible to attract the right people (that is, persons with like minds) to your business.

LinkedIn – An Introduction

Social Media has replaced what is now known as traditional mediums of advertising. One such social media platform is ‘LinkedIn’. Having a LinkedIn business page is a highly viable way to create a global presence because LinkedIn benefits are assured and will undoubtedly showcase you to the world.

Initially, Linkedin provided a platform for individual personal profiles, which display the user’s skill sets, achievements, certifications, and recognitions, not those of the company they work for.

Today, individuals use the site for the following reasons:

  • Following people & businesses in the corporate world
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Following companies for news and developments from that organization
  • Expanding their personal network
  • Reaching a professional audience with their content
  • The list goes on

LinkedIn currently has over 774 million subscribers with over 55 million registered companies in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe. This large demography is immensely beneficial to any business that intends to reach an international market base, improve employee engagement or even generate better sales leads.

Why You Should Have a Business Presence on the LinkedIn Website

There is no doubt that businesses require a solid online presence to keep pace with the ever-increasing competitive market and to remain relevant in the global terrain.

A great way to gain a competitive advantage over your industry competition is to have a solid LinkedIn business page. With it, you can increase your visibility and gain traction for your business. The essence of this article is to you know how using a LinkedIn business page on the LinkedIn website can benefit your business.

How the LinkedIn Website Can Benefit Your business

LinkedIn is no longer just a site used to find new jobs and develop your professional network. Businesses are losing out on an important marketing strategy by not having a LinkedIn business page. Having one adds immense benefit to the growth and development of your business.

It also gives your company a public, and, I dare say, a global image. It’s a public platform to create a well-thought-out business profile that showcases your business goals & achievements, allows you to share career opportunities with interested job applicants, along with many other benefits your company will enjoy from a professional business page.

1. Showcases Your Company

A LinkedIn business page allows your company to have online visibility and provides an avenue for you to showcase your organization’s specializations, expertise, and experience.

Suppose a LinkedIn member is interested in your business. With the LinkedIn website, he will be able to follow your business page, the business products you have to offer, and the specific industry under which you operate. This point brings us to the next benefit:

2. Exposes Your Business to Other LinkedIn Members

Whatever content you share via the Share an Update status bar feature is not limited to the Home news feeds of your followers.

It also reaches the news feeds of their connections, thereby giving you a wider reach, especially if your content happens to be enriching and engaging.

LinkedIn business pages have a section dedicated to the promotion of your business products and services. Here, you can provide comprehensive information about what your business offers and links to your website for more details. This assists in attracting more site visits to your business website.

A viable LinkedIn marketing strategy is to engage with other members. Another advantage is that you can engage with your followers on your LinkedIn business page, get helpful feedback on improving your customer service, and ensure that they are aware that you are open and available to business.

3. Provides Search Engine Optimization and Visibility

LinkedIn benefits your business by giving you better online visibility. Google ranking is crucial for start-ups eager to get more traction and establish their online business presence.

Google and other relevant search engines rank LinkedIn business/company pages and posts highly in the results. A LinkedIn Website or a LinkedIn business page is therefore highly likely to appear in Google search results.

It is necessary to optimize your company description and ensure that you use relevant keywords within the copy as you would have done on your business website. Also, you can optimize LinkedIn posts for SEO.

Proper LinkedIn management can enable you to have more site visits on your business websites by sharing relevant content and embedding your business website links.

Additionally, businesses can employ Google web analytics to understand their target audience on LinkedIn better and create engaging and relevant content that would elicit more views, likes, and shares.

4. Helps Get Better Insights

LinkedIn business page analytics are more influential than the data available from personal profile analytics. A LinkedIn business page analytics provides you with more intricate and in-depth details on the engagement and reach of each of the updates posted on your page.

You can also use this to gather insights on your performance compared to industry competitors and enable you to make necessary adjustments to your page updates.

5. Generates Better Sales Leads

A study carried by Hubspot showed that LinkedIn generated the highest visitor to lead conversion – roughly three times more than both Facebook and Twitter. A LinkedIn business page allows for networking and creates a pool of potential clients and business partners. With a business page, you show your network that you are not just an amateur in your field but an expert who is well-versed and qualified to render your services to them.

Therefore, it is essential to keep your business page updated with relevant information about your field of expertise and make sure that you are a go-to resource on recent happenings and news in your chosen industry for your followers and connections.

A business can also use lead generation forms to increase lead generation from the LinkedIn business page. This tactic would involve the company paying to boost the visibility of its updates alongside a call to action.

LinkedIn generation forms are very different from traditional forms as they automatically populate a form that a user can submit with one click. This simple mechanism has shown a high conversion rate.

6. Allows You to Reach Your Target Markets

As was earlier stated, LinkedIn has a global reach of over 774 million subscribers and 55 million registered companies; this reach comprises professionals and businesses that can both serve as clientele and viable business partnerships.

Having a well-crafted LinkedIn business page is a good marketing strategy to garner ready clients and establish workable business partnerships without setting up a face-to-face meeting. This LinkedIn marketing strategy is very effective in reaching out to your target audience with your business products.

Moreover, when you click on the Share an update feature on the status bar of your business page, you have the option to either share it with all your followers or choose a targeted selection of your audience.

That way, you can restrict those who have access to the content you intend to share. You can speak directly to your business’s target audience with one click of a button.

You can simply select a targeted audience from the dropdown list when creating an update. This will direct you to a screen that will allow you to choose whom you intend to share the update with. You can share targeted updates in the following ways:

  • Geography
  • University
  • Company size
  • Language
  • Job function
  • Seniority
  • Industry

7. Enables you to Share your Content Quickly

The creation of a LinkedIn business page grants a free platform to share your content easily with your target audience so that they can engage with it. This allows you to stay relevant with your target audience.

What’s the use of great content when people do not get to see it? One of the aims of every business is visibility, getting your content out there. Having a LinkedIn business page allows your business to better connect with your client base or followers.

Companies can share informative and helpful industry-related content with videos, infographics, guides, or podcasts that their target audience would relate to and identify directly with.

If a business adopts a proper LinkedIn management strategy, it would effectively bridge the gap to reach its target market better than any other social media platform would enable them to. It would reduce the need to do marketing in person.

8. Helps You Stand Out From the Competition

Personal LinkedIn profiles give individuals a tailored brand that stands out and shows them as distinct from other persons in their chosen field or industry. This idea also applies to a LinkedIn business page. Establishing your LinkedIn business page is essential to allow you to stand out as distinct from the competition.

By creating a solid LinkedIn website, brands and businesses gain an easy, competitive advantage and show their audience that they are way ahead of the pack. Portraying your business as unique is an effective way to make a great first impression on new visitors to your business page who are potential customers.

A strong LinkedIn portfolio is also good to always keep your brand in the minds of your customers. A significant upside to this is that you would constantly get more LinkedIn connections and endorsements!

9. Presents Your Business as Having a Higher Level of Credibility and Accountability

Opening up yourself to the virtual world of LinkedIn shows that your products are trustworthy and of good quality. LinkedIn serves as a fantastic platform to display your business products amongst both existing and potential customers.

A beneficial LinkedIn feature is the “Recommendations” feature, which allows your past customers and clients to recommend you based on your customer service. This feature serves as an opportunity for your business to generate more sales and business leads.

Also, displaying your achievements and accomplishments will give an overview of your business offers and help build trust with existing and potential customers and clients.

10. Enables You to Attract New Talent

LinkedIn business pages have a careers section to showcase your employment prospects to those personal users who may be searching for new job opportunities.

You can also utilize the careers section to direct site traffic to your business website as a way of helping job applicants learn about what your business offers.

11. Offers Additional Features With a Silver or Gold Package

If you update your business page to a silver or gold package, you get additional options!

These features include the ability to add videos and access necessary recruitment tools that would tell LinkedIn members more about your business, its history, employees, and business culture.

Take Away

The business world now revolves around your ability to have an online presence that gives you global visibility. A company that relies solely on its physical and local presence will not thrive for long. This makes it essential to understand how a LinkedIn website benefits a business, especially start-ups with a buoyant customer base.

The above exposition shows that businesses should not underestimate the impact of having a solid and engaging LinkedIn business page on their profit margin, sales leads, and business reputation. With an updated LinkedIn business profile, businesses can have a global reach and will know how best to present their customer service in line with feedback from their customers.

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