The Best Free Advertising Websites for Your Company

If you want your products and services to gain some exposure, one of the best things you can do is add them to one of the many free advertising websites you can find online.

This strategy can be extremely useful for small and local businesses, as most of these free advertising sites are built for them in a classified ad structure and layout. At the beginning of our list, we will try to give you options that most marketers will find useful.

Free advertising websites have many benefits, but perhaps the biggest one is that they allow you to both reach your target audience and keep your marketing budget in line.

Now, let’s check out the five best free advertising websites.

Five Best Free Advertising Websites

The shortlist below contains websites that we find to be the most useful and effective for the purpose of promoting a brand’s products and services. However, keep in mind that there are many more options available.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an incredible tool that allows you to connect customers across other Google platforms such as Search and Maps for free.

To get started with it, you first need to submit the URL of your website, as well as additional details about your business. Google My Business will take that information and incorporate it into its listings so that your website appears when users search relevant content categories.

Along with that, you can post photos and offers to your profile in order to give customers even more reasons to choose your business instead of others. Thanks to Google My Business, your customers have more ways to reach you: by messaging, calling, or leaving reviews. Also, you will be able to see how they’re engaging with your business profile, whether that’s through clicks, calls, bookings, or follows.


eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, and so it remains one of the best free advertising websites you can post on. It has over 30 international websites and is present in over 100 counties, making it a fantastic place to sell on while giving you a terrific way to present your products to a large audience.

Listings on eBay often offer more visibility than those on other websites, thanks to their size and status, as well as good SEO rankings. Along with that, eBay has a significant social media presence and a huge follower base. Unlike most free advertising sites, it has an interactive interface which makes the process of posting free advertisements extremely straightforward.

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This might be a name you haven’t heard of before, but Locanto is a popular, traditional free advertising website that’s available in more than 60 countries.

It’s similar to Craigslist in the way that you can use it to sell products and services as well as connect with employers and even find places to live.

A big difference between the two is that Locanto is terrific for businesses that either have a significant community presence or are actively trying to build one. That’s due to the fact that Locanto has many categories for selling things like event tickets, classes, leisure activities, and even community-based services.

Advertisements on Locanto stay live for 30 days, and you have the option to include images, video, as well as hypertext language that links back to your site.

OLX Marketplace

OLX is a well-known network of marketplaces with a stable presence in over 30 countries with more than 20 brands. An interesting fact is that OLX says it’s the world’s fastest-growing network of trading platforms, and it has more than 300 million people visiting its site every month.

OLX gives its customers value by providing platforms where they can list a car, home, or any other item for sale and also find a product they need for a good price. With it, you can start offering your products to a wide audience without needing to pay anything, and the platform even provides an option for you to give a boost to your listing for a bit of money.


ClassifiedAds is a free advertising website with a ton of categories where you can buy or sell services and products. Unlike many of the other classified ads websites, like Craigslist, is 100% free for anyone to use. That means that every action on the website is free, whether that’s posting an ad, contacting a seller, or just browsing through listings.

Along with that, ClassifiedAds does a terrific job of monitoring and filtering any content posted on its website so that you can be assured that your ad won’t go unnoticed and drowned in spam. Furthermore, ClassifiedAds offers a great search function and well-defined categories, as well as three items for ad listings:

  • Adding a backlink leading to your website
  • Contact forms
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

Overall, it’s one of the best platforms for free advertising that you can currently find.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which of these free advertising websites you choose to use, you will surely feel the benefits of that extra exposure to a larger audience. If you still haven’t used this option, then you should start immediately. In the end, there’s nothing for you to lose and a ton to gain.

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