Do You Know What Facebook Touch Is?

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media network in the world, with millions of people having profiles on it and using it to promote their businesses, connect with closed ones and follow all the latest news.

Due to its popularity and a wide variety of uses, people tend to login to Facebook in different ways: on their phones through the application or on their desktops by using different browsers.

That being said, the way we use Facebook on our mobile devices hasn’t changed or improved during the last few years. We still have that same old school application and its main features haven’t changed that much. Its performance also looks to be declining as the app becomes slower and more unreliable.

That’s where Facebook Touch comes into the conversation. It’s normal if you’ve never heard of Facebook Touch, as it’s not really the most mainstream application. However, it is an alternative way to use Facebook on your mobile device that brings in new features, improved performance and is specifically designed to be used on smartphones and other mobile devices.

In this article, you will be able to learn more about this innovative application: what it is, why it’s worth using, how you can install and download it and what its standout features are.

Now without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch is a better, more advanced app that was developed by H5 applications. It was specifically designed to improve the performance of the Facebook app on smartphones by making the graphics and the interface better. Furthermore, the standard Facebook applications run slower on mobile devices, while with Facebook Touch users get to experience a much smoother app even when their internet connection is not the best.

The Differences between Facebook Touch and the Normal Application

Upon opening the normal Facebook page, you will see the link; however, when you click on the Facebook Touch link, you will notice on your browser.

There are quite a few other differences besides the link. The first one is that the standard Facebook works with less data, shows lower quality pictures, and has a limited number of displays. On the other hand, Facebook Touch will show better graphics, higher quality images, and more displays. It also works faster, is more dynamic, and has an improved interface.

Most people correctly assume that Touch was created mainly for smartphones that have well-developed operating systems and good enough specs so that they can work with the higher data demands and reproduce the greater graphics. On the flip side, the normal version of Facebook works better with older devices or ones that have upgraded to newer OS versions and don’t really need the advanced features and capabilities that Facebook Touch offers.

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How to Download and Install Facebook Touch for Android

Android users have a way to directly download Facebook Touch on their devices. The whole process is really simple and should not take up more than 10 minutes of your time. You just need to go to Google, type “download Facebook Touch” and then browse the several websites that offer the APK file and pick the best one. Afterward, you simply have to download and save it to your device.

Installing the Facebook Touch app, however, requires a few additional steps.

  1. Go to “Settings” and then enable installations of unknown sources.
  2. Find where the downloaded APK file is saved on your device.
  3. Click on the “Install” button of the APK file and agree to all the Terms and Policies.
  4. Wait until the APK file is completely installed on your device.
  5. Finally, you can open the Facebook Touch app and start using it and all of its terrific features.

Overall, the process isn’t overly complicated and won’t require more than 10 minutes of your time.

Installing Facebook Touch on Windows 8

The Windows 8 store was specifically designed to make you more portable by allowing you to install multiple apps on your mobile device and use them while you’re on the go.

That being said, something that might surprise you is the fact that Facebook hasn’t launched an official app on the Windows 8 store. Instead, there are plenty of third-party apps available to Windows users. One of those is Facebook Touch: the more modern Facebook UI that enables you to work with touch gestures and has almost all of Facebook’s features integrated.

Downloading and installing the Touch app on your Windows 8 device is simple. You have to go to the start menu, search for the Facebook Touch application and then install it. After that, you just have to log in using your credentials and you’re good to go.

Standout Facebook Touch Features that You Will Love

This article has been all about how great Facebook Touch is and what makes it better than the standard application. However, we haven’t really talked about all the specific features that make it an improved version from the normal Facebook version. Let’s take a look at all of the standout aspects of Facebook Touch:

  • It is an advanced, improved, and better-developed version of the normal Facebook app.
  • By using Facebook Touch you will be able to access all of the Facebook pages, groups, and profiles you need.
  • The content you see is a lot more relevant and based on your search patterns and interests.
  • It has an incredible interface that’s unique to the app and provides a better user experience.
  • It’s suitable for multiple operating systems, even though it’s not available on the official app stores.
  • It’s also available for desktop computers so you can enjoy the experience on all your devices.
  • It has an amazing feature called the “scroll in version” which has to be seen in order for you to fully grasp how great it is.
  • Chatting is even better on the Touch app.

Overall, Facebook Touch is a next-level version of the normal application and it was specifically made so that it elevates the user experience. If you use it, you will notice improved performance, faster load speeds and it will likely make you want to use the Facebook application again, instead of just the “Messenger” option.

Cons of Using the Facebook Touch App

The negative sides of using this innovative app are mainly because it has not been officially recognized as an alternative application and thus it’s not licensed by Facebook. This means that it cannot be downloaded from any of the app stores and it has to be looked for online, often on websites that aren’t exactly the most secure ones.

However, the security issues don’t stop here. Along with not being an official app, Facebook Touch is also lacking SSL encryption, which makes storing data on it a lot less safe. Furthermore, any kind of adult or violent content cannot be blocked and so are visible to all users at all times, which makes the Touch app inappropriate for children and young adults, since they may get exposed to explicit content.

Another potential issue is that even though the Facebook Touch app is optimized for mobile devices, it cannot be used on ones that have a larger screen such as tablets or Pro models of the latest smartphones as they were not considered when the software first got developed.

Final Words

The Facebook Touch is the new and improved version of the good old mobile Facebook. It makes the user experience better by having advanced graphics, faster loading times, and a much more dynamic interface. The fact that it was designed specifically with mobile devices in mind means that it’s able to provide new features such as touch gestures that aren’t available on the standard application.

Upgrading to the Facebook Touch app is worth it for anyone who wants to experience innovative applications before they become popular. It’s also great for content creators and influencers who have to use the Facebook app to post new content and they can do it more efficiently thanks to this new and improved app. Along with that, people who work in the media world may also want to consider using Facebook Touch as it will make following the news and recent developments a lot smoother, even when they’re on the go and maybe don’t have the most stable internet connection possible.

That being said, Facebook Touch still has quite a few security liabilities, making its use inappropriate for children and young adults, as they may get access to explicit content. On that note, if you plan on using the Touch app for your business, make sure you’re not sharing any sensitive data while doing so, as the application lacks SSL encryption.

Even though we can talk about the pros and cons of Facebook Touch for hours, the reality is that it’s a terrific app to test out, especially for those of you that are early adopters and like to test out innovative features.

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