Books on SEO You Need To Read This Year

Books are a fantastic way to learn new information and boost your knowledge on any topic, including search engine optimization. In the last few years, SEO has completely transformed the way we do marketing and has made it easier for businesses to get introduced to new audiences.

But as with anything related to marketing these days, keeping up with all the trends can be very hard. This is why many marketing experts and entrepreneurs can benefit from reading SEO books written by established authors who have a ton of experience in the industry.

In this article, we will recommend a few of the very best SEO reads that will open your eyes to new possibilities and will help you expand your current knowledge. Let’s get into it.

Five Must-Read Books on SEO

In this list, you will find books that are well-suited for beginners or people who lack a ton of knowledge and experience in SEO. Along with that, we’ve chosen some reads that will be more interesting for marketing experts and folks that already know a lot about SEO and want to dive into the specifics and expand their skills.

All in all, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, this list will have a book suited to your needs.

“SEO Like I’m Five” by Matthew Capala

This beginner-friendly read by Matthew Capala offers an extensive guide to SEO that contains a ton of easy tips that can easily be applied to any marketing campaign. This book is excellent for anyone looking to gain practical knowledge who doesn’t want a ton of heavy theory and information. It’s made to help you do fast and successful SEO implementation by telling you what strategies to put into play while explaining only the basics of how search engines work and which optimization tasks are the most valuable.

“SEO Made Easy” by Evan Bailyn

This is another fantastic book for beginners. “SEO Made Easy” is a book that tells you everything you need to know and nothing more. It’s not heavy in detail, and it’s great for people that are just starting to dive into SEO.

It gives you just enough details so you can know what Google wants and looks for, but the author simplifies SEO in a way that’s understandable for people that don’t have a ton of marketing background or technical knowledge. Along with that, in this book, you will find strategies that will help you earn a high ranking on Google, including link building, keyword research, and leveraging content.

“Entity SEO: Moving from Strings to Things” by Dixon Jones

This book is more suited for people that already know a thing or two about SEO. In it, the author aims to explain the Knowledge Graph, the evolution of semantic research, and how to become an entity in alignment with your niche. By reading this book, you will learn about different SEO semantic strategies, as well as how to add a relevant mark-up to your content, what you need to do to get a Wikipedia listing, and how to build your internal link graph.

If you want to expand your knowledge on what entity SEO is and how you can use it for your marketing strategies, then this is one of the best books on SEO on the market for you.

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“The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization” by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie C. Stricchiola

If you talk with any SEO experts, it’s likely they will point to this book as a fundamental read in the industry. It’s a terrific book, suitable for both seasoned professionals and absolute beginners.
In it, you will learn a ton about search engine basics: how content is evaluated, search engine history, and more. Along with that, you will get a ton of information about the areas of SEO planning, stages of SEO implementations, SEO-friendly website development, content marketing, keyword research, and social media.

The book contains updated information about all the latest algorithmic factors like Panda, Penguin, and information about search engine penalties. It’s considered to be one of the most in-depth books about SEO and is a staple in the library of anyone who wants to be considered a marketing expert.

“SEO for Growth” by John Jantsch and Phil Singleton

This is a must-read SEO book for any marketer, entrepreneur, and web designer. It’s all about how SEO remains a constant even as the algorithms and technology surrounding it change. In this book, you will read about creating and distributing content, how to build a loyal following and sustain a good reputation and how to make a profitable website that optimizes pay-per-click ads.

This particular book talks about SEO tactics and how you can enhance them by leveraging other marketing tools that will effectively work to get your business more sales and convert more leads.

Looking for More SEO Reads?

If you want to learn more about search engine optimization, but you don’t have the time and money to spend on books on SEO, then the Camberlion blog is a great online resource to turn to. We have tons of articles on SEO tactics, as well as many other articles focused on different aspects of digital marketers.

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