Best Free Keyword Research Tools to Try in 2022

Would you be surprised by the fact that there is a huge percentage of people searching for answers that haven’t been searched on Google yet? If we’re talking about statistics, Google gets 15% new daily searches everyday! This means we don’t really need proof to say that Google has made a huge dent in the market.

If you’re looking for traffic, you want to be relevant and rank so that you can take the spotlight Google is controlling.

Keywords are one of the vital elements of SEO. Other important parts include on-page optimization, SEO-friendly content, user intentions, and user experience. It’s important you get all these aspects on point.

Organic traffic from popular search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Since about 68% of online interactions start via search engines and about 53.3% of traffic attraction for websites depends on organic searches, you need to up your game to make a spot for yourself. It’s a known fact that the success of your digital marketing campaigns depends heavily on SEO. Leading the game revolves around choosing the right and relevant keywords. However, it most certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Determining whether the keywords you have chosen will work for you requires a lot of research and data. This data in turn helps you create an SEO keyword ranking report. This brings us to address the question that has popped up in your head right about now…

What is a Keyword Ranking Report?

A keyword ranking report can provide you with a deep insight into how selected keywords are currently performing. This allows you to make smart decisions regarding keywords you would like to focus on.

Keyword ranking reports are quite helpful since they provide information such as impressions, SEO rankings, website traffic, and clicks.

With an SEO keyword ranking report, you can judge your success based on the percentage of time users search for your brand or product name.

While many marketers have an idea about how their website is performing, some of the details regarding search volume, changes in keyword positions, and keyword difficulty are difficult to determine. That is why it is essential for you to create a keyword ranking report.

You need to build a sophisticated keyword ranking report to optimize your content marketing efforts which can be expensive to create as compared to other ranking reports.

In fact, many enterprises spend thousands of dollars on keyword research and to create an in-depth keyword ranking report; however, this isn’t necessary. To be fair, higher investments and efficient ranking mean more conversions are possible. If a website is lucky enough to rank #1 on Google, they bag around 32% of all the clicks!

Hence, this blog is dedicated to tools that will help you through the keywords’ journey. We have collected a sampling of the best free keyword research apps that are free to use. These tools come with a wide variety of features and cover several of our common SEO needs.

It is absolutely fascinating the difference good tools can make, and the extra time and effort it takes to get the same work done without the help of those tools. These applications are free, easy-to-use, fast, and convenient and can help you create a keyword ranking report.

So, if you don’t have the budget for paid research tools and want to find some of the best free keyword research tools, keep on reading! We genuinely hope you find one or two (or 10) you can put to good use today.


SEMrush is an SEO tool that provides you with the option to conduct your own keyword research, track your competitors’ keyword strategy, run an SEO audit of your blog, look for backlinking opportunities, and a lot more.

SEMRush also provides you with a checklist on how you can improve your rankings by improving your on-page SEO. The research tool is used by many digital marketers to keep track of their website traffic and development month on month.

The tool also helps digital marketers create an in-depth keyword ranking report. The app is available on the app store and the play store.

Features of SEMrush:

  • Provides detailed individual keywords analysis based on live data, including cost per click and ranking difficulty.
  • Provides thorough listings of related keywords.
  • SEMrush is free to use; however, you can only work on limited projects and track limited keywords. The free version also allows you to create an SEO dashboard for one website.
  • The premium plan allows you to create projects for multiple websites, make unlimited requests each day, monitor 500+ keywords, etc.

Install SEMRush on Android.
Install SEMRush on iOS.

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Everyone knows Google! Google is the most popular and used search engine.

It is fascinating how simple it is to find keywords on Google, especially long-tail keywords.

If you want to search for top keywords on Google, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Simply enter your targeted keyword on the Google search box. Google offers automatic recommendations with many variations for the same keywords and related additions.
  • Ensure to check PAA (people also ask) in the SERP at the bottom of the page. Here you will get options related to long-tail keywords.
  • Study the keywords, and you can easily find relevant keywords as per your niche – free of cost!
  • Try to find keywords that will help users find your website. It will ultimately benefit you in the long run.
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Features of Google:

  • Allows you to perform keyword research, both primary and secondary.
  • Related searches allow you to incorporate related keywords in your content.
  • Helps you find exact phrase matches.
  • Free to use.

Install Google on Android.
Install Google on iOS.

3.Keyword Planner

Available on Android, “Keyword Planner: Research Keyword, Tags, and Check SEO” is an application that allows you to search keywords, check cost-per-click, monitor your search engine ranking, and so much more.

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Although the application is free to use, the extensive amounts of pop-ups are one of the most significant drawbacks.

Features of Keyword Planner:

  • Search volume, SERP analysis (Google and Bing), top search queries, keyword ranking report, competition analysis, link analysis, backlinks, and meta tags are some of the exceptional features provided by Keyword Planner.
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  • Allows you to check your website speed and crawlability.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free to use.

Install Keyword Planner on Android.

4.SEO Check

SEO Check is an all-in-one SEO software. It is one of the best free keyword research tools and provides a complete website SEO check by crawling through all the linked pages.

Simply download the application, enter your website, and the research tool will perform an SEO Check.

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Features of SEO Check:

  • Provides free features such as website crawlability check, site audit check, Google rank tracking, daily updates regarding keywords, backlink check, and other tools.
  • Provides continuous monitoring.
  • Free to use.

Install SEO Check on Android.
Install SEO Check on iOS.

5.Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool is an application that will help you stay ahead of your competition. Similar to Keyword Planner, the app also has a number of in-app advertisements that slightly ruin the experience.

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Features of Keyword Research Tool:

  • Offers features such as SERP analysis, keyword density, competitor analysis, backlinks, speed test, top searches, and link analysis.
  • It helps find suggestions based on a keyword.
  • Free to use.

Install Keyword Research Tool on Android.
Install Keyword Research Tool on iOS.


If you are a writer or a student, you are likely aware of SmallSEOTools, the tool that allows you to check plagiarism. However, SmallSEOTools is more than that.

SmallSEOTools provides highly-efficient tools that are beneficial for students, writers, SEO professionals, digital marketers, and website owners.

The SEO tools provided can be used to write content for web pages and optimize a site entirely. Along with other features, SmallSEOTools provides a powerful, free, and efficient keyword application that will provide you with comprehensive keyword research and analysis.

With a wide selection of SEO tools, SmallSEOTools can help marketers create a comprehensive keyword ranking report.

To use SmallSEOTools as a keyword research tool, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go on Google Play Store and download SmallSEOTools.
  • Scroll down below until you see “Keyword Tools.”
  • Select the option that seems the most relevant to you.

Features of SmallSEOTools:

  • SmallSEOTools provides you with several features, such as Keyword Position, Keywords Density Check, Keywords Suggestion Tool, Keywords Research Tool, Keywords Competition Tool, Related Keywords Finder, Long Tail Keywords Suggestion Tool, and so much more.
  • Allows you to conduct an SEO Keyword Competition Analysis.
  • Free of cost, convenient, and user-friendly.

Install SmallSEOTools on Android.

7.SEO SERPmojo

“SEO SERPmojo – Rank Tracker” is a free application for Android to track keyword ranking. SERPmojo simply goes to the search engine, runs a search for the keywords you have entered, and then looks for your website URL in the search results. Once your URL is found, the rank for your keywords is returned to you.

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Thus, with the help of SERPmojo, you can easily search which keywords are currently generating results for you.

To use SERPmojo, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the main screen that says Rankings and then click on the + icon.
  • Enter your URL, and then tap on the + option in the keywords section.
  • Enter one or more keywords.

Features of SERPmojo:

  • The application will show you how many keywords have lowered or improved, along with how many positions were gained or lost, which can help you create a thorough keyword ranking report.
  • The application is free to use; however, the pro version offers automatic updates, analytics insights, and much more.
  • Easy to use.

Install SERPmojo on Android.

8.Keyword Research App Tool

Keyword Research App Tool is an android application developed for SEO keyword research purposes. The app provides you with professional tips regarding keywords, and on the basis of that, you can perform a complete SEO analysis.

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The process for using Keyword Research App Tool is very straightforward; simply follow the steps mentioned below to get started:

  • Type in your keyword and get suggestions on the basis of the search.
  • The fun part is the “Random” button that provides you with random keywords that you can incorporate into your content.
  • You can also find out more about your competitors’ SEO position by typing their keywords in the search bar.

Features of Keyword Research App Tool:

  • Helps you find recommendations based on keywords.
  • Pulls Google autocomplete suggestions and presents them to you.
  • Provides an option to select your country and update language settings.
  • The app currently has some features in progress, such as the amount of times a keyword was searched the previous month, average cost-per-click, and the competitiveness of the keywords.

Install Keyword Research App Tool on Android.

9.Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that helps you track and analyze Google searches. Through Google, you can discover top news searches in real-time.

You can also take the reins into your own hands and explore keywords of your own liking, select the categories for those keywords (e.g., your business’ industry), as well as view how many people are searching for those keywords according to their region, city, and country.

You can also compare different terms to see which one of them is more popular, find the most searched-for keywords in the selected category, and discover which keywords are rising in the ranks.

Google Trends is extremely easy to use and can help you create a detailed SEO keyword ranking report.

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For your business, you might want to see whether women’s y2k dresses are more or less popular than women’s bodycon dresses right now or whether realistic cakes are currently as big of a trend as they were a few months back.

With this information, you can alter the way you market your product, alter the way you discuss it with your customers, or change the product itself.

Perhaps you have a regular customer at your clothing store who would really be into women’s y2k dresses if they were more popular than bodycon dresses so that she can update her dress collection accordingly.

Features of Google Trends:

  • You can view real-time and daily trends to discover trending topics.
  • You can discover the latest news articles related to trending topics.
  • You can learn additional information through the related keywords option.

Install Google Trends on iOS.

10.Keyword Now

Keyword Now is an iOS application that allows you to check the most popular keyword rankings. Keyword Now generates rankings by crawling through the web and collecting data from websites. By clicking on the keyword, you can search the related pages (Images, News, Wikipedia, or Twitter).

Features of Keyword Now:

  • Provides real-time ranking updates.
  • Provides weekly, daily, and hourly rankings of popular keywords.
  • Supports rankings in English, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian.
  • Works on both iPhone and iPad.

Install Keyword Now on iOS.

Take Away

There you have it: 10 of the best free keyword research tools. We hope that these 10 tools can help you find keywords and terms that will help you develop effective digital marketing campaigns and content. Find the application that works for your business, create an in-depth keyword ranking report, and ensure you consider the primary focus of your brand’s keyword strategy.

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