10 Amazing Non-Profit Organizations in Melbourne, FL worth Supporting

Finding genuine non-profit organizations that truly help people is becoming a challenge these days. Thanks mainly to the online world we live in and to the pandemic, more and more non-profit organizations are popping up on the Internet. However, some of them are not truly doing the kind of work they say they are.

As a business, the moment you start earning money is the moment you want to begin to give back. It’s normal, at first, to want to help out on a local level – to the places that are close to where your company is operating. That’s because the issues that people in the area are having are more clear to you and because you can see the results of the charity work every day.

At Camberlion, we think that most corporations will want to help out the community and as a Florida-based business, we try to do that for organizations that are in close proximity to us. That’s why we’ve decided to help out other businesses in the region by providing our top 10 list of non-profit organizations that are worth your support in Melbourne, FL.

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10 Non-Profit Organizations Your Business Can Support in Melbourne, FL

When we talk about non-profits, we will be discussing a large variety of them in this article. We won’t be emphasizing specific communities or issues; we will do our best to give you a comprehensive list of organizations in Melbourne, FL, that, in our opinion, are truly worth your support.

Love in the Name of Christ of Brevard

Love INC, as it’s mostly called, is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1977. It has over 135 national affiliates, as well as one in Nairobi, Kenya. The affiliate you can find locally in Melbourne, FL has a non-profit partnership with 49 churches, over 30 community organizations, more than 20 businesses, and about 1,300 volunteers. The mission all of these people stand behind is helping disadvantaged members of the community live better lives, not only by providing them with food or homes but also by investing time and resources in helping them change the course of their lives. They do so by getting calls through their client center. They evaluate the caller’s needs and make an action plan that takes the client on a journey through accountability, responsibility, and acceptance. Along with that, this non-profit organization has many programs that help community members with car and home repairs, by giving them discounts on things like furniture, clothes, and appliances and by providing pure financial aid.

All in all, the main focus of Love INC is to help make the community better by assisting individual members that are facing tough times.

Nana’s Children’s Home

Helping children is a mission all humans need to stand behind. The main mission of Nana’s Children’s Home is easy to understand and define: it’s to help find safe, secure, and loving homes for kids who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by their caregivers or parents. Nana’s Home’s mission is to help foster parents in providing a home to children. They do so by providing housing, utilities, clothing, transportation, school supplies, toys, household items, and every other thing that kids and their foster families may need. Along with that, they ensure the children in foster care get to participate in whatever extracurricular activities they might enjoy. They guarantee that each kid gets to live with two foster parents and not more than five other children at home.

The community entirely funds the organization, and volunteers do 100% of the work. Its target group includes children aged 0-19 in the Brevard County area, and supporting their work gives your company the chance to change the lives of many kids living in challenging situations and destined to have a dull future if not helped out.

Rolling Readers Space Coast

This non-profit organization has one mission: turn community members and their children into life-long readers. It has existed for over 23 years in Brevard County and has helped more than 116,916 students through tutoring programs. The primary mission of Rolling Readers Space Coast is to create a desire in children to read, as they believe that strong reading skills are what is needed for children to become successful in school later on. Its main focus is on elementary school students, and its group of volunteers is dedicated to providing weekly read-aloud sessions in classrooms and mentoring and tutoring services. It’s yet another great non-profit organization that your business can support, which has a main focus on helping the next generations.

Preeclampsia Foundation

The Preeclampsia Foundation focuses on reducing the number of maternal and infant deaths and illnesses caused by preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, and other types of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. The foundation provides patients with education and support, raises public awareness and funds research, and improves hospital practices. The organization has over 700 active volunteers that have all been trained in patient support in education and are actively working on raising awareness in the community. Over the last few years, the organization has helped educate over 400 healthcare providers and has invested over half a million dollars in research. The Preeclampsia Foundation has a forum that stores over 2,250 patient stories, and it’s easy for anyone to see the foundation’s impact. Along with helping patients, the foundation actively works to educate the community through its programs, which target pregnant women and their relatives, friends, and partners. As a Florida-based business, this organization helps you save the lives of many, and the kind of impact it makes is constantly measured and keeps on growing year after year.

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project

Robert and Kristen Malfara founded this non-profit organization in honor of their son Morgan, who suffers from Leukodystrophy. The acronym, which is also the name of the organization, means Making Opportunities Reality Granting Assistance Nationwide. The M.O.R.G.A.N. project is a community-based, national organization that is dedicated to promoting awareness and finding support for special-needs young adults, adolescents, and their parents. The organization’s main goal is to help improve the quality of life for those families through five unique quality-of-life support programs. The M.O.R.G.A.N. project is not disease-specific, and its mission is to help out any child and its family, with little to no cost to the relatives and regardless of the illness. Even though this is a national organization, it has a specific focus in Melbourne, FL, and it’s a great one that your business can support with 100% certainty that the money is going in the right direction. Every year over 250 families benefit from this organization’s services, and the online reviews can bring a person to tears.

Twloha Inc.

Mental health is a subject we now discuss on a daily basis. The number of people dealing with different types of mental health illnesses seems to be increasing every year. Here’s where Twloha’s work comes in handy. Twloha stands for “To Write Love on Her Arms,” and its mission is to help people that are struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide. It exists to try and help those individuals find hope and encourage them to go into treatment and recovery. This non-profit organization does so by telling the stories of such people, letting them heal through music and words, and supporting them through their entire journey. So far, they have donated over $3 million to recovery and treatment, thus providing funding to over 105 organizations.

Florida Wildlife Hospital

So far, we’ve only talked about non-profit organizations with a focus on helping humans. Now, let’s turn the page and talk about one that is dedicated to helping out the other members of our world – animals. The Florida Wildlife Hospital was established in 1973, and since then, it has helped thousands of native Florida animals in Brevard County. Its main focus is on providing quality, ensuring that the Florida ecosystem remains intact, educating the community on the native Florida wildlife, and engaging the young generations so that the success of the wildlife rehabilitation field continues. The organization works 365 days a year and is constantly able to take in patients; on a yearly basis, it takes care of more than 5,000 animals. With that said, it doesn’t receive any state or federal funding and relies entirely on the community to exist, even though it’s the only facility of its kind in the area. So, if you’re from Florida, love animals, and want to protect the wildlife in the state, then FWH is the organization your business should definitely be supporting.

Daily Bread

This is yet another non-profit organization in Brevard County that aims to ensure no member of the community is left to battle hunger or homelessness alone. Operating for more than 30 years, it has helped numerous struggling members of the Florida community get through difficult times. Along with helping the hungry and homeless, this non-profit organization also tries to help people find their way back to normal life by finding them jobs and homes.

Daily Bread helps feed over 250 people every day by giving them a warm and nutritious meal. Additionally, the organization works on a variety of other programs and offers services like employment, social support, health care, and even case management. As a business, you always want to work in a flourishing community. Daily Bread is one of those organizations that works its hardest to help empower each community member and thus ensure that fewer people remain homeless and desperate.

Women’s Center

Back in 1975, the Women’s Center in Brevard first opened its doors. Its primary mission then and now is to help women, men, and kids who have faced trauma related to sexual assault and/or domestic violence. People typically come to this non-profit desperate, unable to provide for themselves, abused, and in need of guidance and support. Thanks to a large group of supporters and volunteers, the Women’s Center is able to help these people start their lives again by providing financial assistance, counseling services, career guides, job training, and housing. Every year the center helps thousands of people, and it requires money, time, and talent from its supporters. The Women’s Center has many programs dedicated to supporting people at different points of their journey away from abuse, and each year, the organization tries to do more and more for its members.

Second Harvest Food Bank

The Second Harvest Food Bank is a non-profit organization with one clear goal: to help nourish the lives of many through an incredible hunger relief network that works in central Florida. Its main mission is to eliminate hunger in the community, and it tries to make that happen through the Feed, Empower, Nourish and Engage program. On the organization’s website, you will find a section for each part of the program:

  • Feed
  • Empower
  • Nourish
  • Engage

Each one of these programs has sub-programs that are dedicated to helping members with each one of these aspects, from getting them fed to assisting them to feel empowered and ready to change their lives and, finally, encouraging them to get back to life in Florida by engaging them with the local community. All in all, much like Daily Bread, Second Harvest Food Bank doesn’t aim only to feed the hungry and homeless but also to assist them in getting their lives back together. That makes this non-profit organization a terrific one to support if you operate in central Florida and want to see the community improve.

Before We Part Ways

We hope that with this article, we not only presented you with some of the best non-profit organizations in Melbourne, FL, but also inspired you to help some of them by donating money, time, or the work of your employees. As a business, operating in a developing community is key, and you can help facilitate that by giving back to it. Regardless of which non-profit organization you choose to support, we can guarantee your choice will positively impact you. If you want to read up on different charities and how you can help as a business, head over to our blog, where a few articles are dedicated to those topics.

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