Want to Be a Stay-at-home Entrepreneur? Here Are Five Ideas for Home-Based Businesses

Thanks largely to the pandemic, we’ve all seen the perks of working from home: not having to go through traffic, being able to make lunch at home, and having more free time for your hobbies and your family. Along with that, working from home is also a safe haven for stay-at-home moms and dads, who have the opportunity to earn money while still taking care of their children.

Because of that, many aspiring entrepreneurs are now looking for business ideas that will not require them to go to the office everyday or travel often. That’s how the idea for this article was born. In it, we want to tell you about the kind of companies that you can run from home and what makes them worth considering when you start thinking about what kind of business you want to have. Now, without keeping you waiting any longer, let’s get started.

Five Great Ideas for Home-Based Businesses

Before we start showering you with all our ideas, we just want to make a quick disclaimer. The text below discusses some ideas for home-based businesses and why we think they’re good. However, creativity remains an important factor in entrepreneurship and so if you can, always go for your own original ideas. With that said, let’s present to you our first idea.

Social Media Manager

If you love marketing and social media, then starting a home business focused on that is just for you. At first, you can start as a one-man or woman show – running all the projects and finding new clients. Over time, as your reputation builds, you can begin thinking about expanding the business and hiring employees. From there, the opportunities are endless – you can start scaling and keep things only social media-oriented, or you can build other services and eventually turn your small business into a marketing agency. However, if you want to keep things home-based, working with just a few people and hiring them to work remotely is your best bet, and it’s not a bad one, as you will still be able to make profits.

Photo and Video Editor

Many professional videographers and photographers don’t have enough time to edit all their photos and videos. That’s why they choose to pay for photo and video editing services. If you have vast experience in the industry and a versatile portfolio of edits, then it’s highly likely that you will easily find clients and start earning money. It’s a terrific business idea for anyone who wants to work from home or anywhere in the world. Along with that, there are many opportunities for scaling – hiring more people to help you with the edits or simply starting to do your own photography. The market demand for such services isn’t likely to decrease anytime soon, especially as digital marketing heavily relies on imagery.

Software Developer

If you have the technical knowledge and are able to do this kind of work, then it’s very likely that you’ve considered starting on your own. Most companies now need to have customized software adapted to their business model and specific needs, which only increases the demand for well-versed, capable software developers. Along with that, we all know that the future lies in tech, so any company that starts in the industry and is innovative has a chance to make huge profits. Additionally, over time you can start hiring more people to help you with your projects and thus start building a company (as with all of the other examples we gave).

Food Delivery Service

If you love cooking and have the needed knowledge of nutrition, then starting a food delivery service might be your kind of home-based business. Here the opportunities are endless – you can prepare meals for babies and children, busy working professionals, and even athletes who just don’t have enough time to do this task on their own or they simply don’t want to. Then you can offer for them to pick it up from your house, or you can do a once-per-day delivery. The only downside to this business model is that it can be very restrictive when it comes to your client base, as in the beginning, it can only consist of people who live close to you or at least in the same neighborhood or town.

Become an Influencer

Do you have a hobby you know loads about? Are you an expert in a particular industry? Regardless of which one applies to you, if you’re able to find a niche and you enjoy doing social media, becoming an influencer might just be the home-based business idea for you. Now, don’t assume that doing social media is easy – it’s not, and like any other job, it requires time, effort, and dedication, in order for the success to come. Along with that, with so many people working hard to become influencers, standing out is getting more difficult by the day, and so you have to consider ways in which you can shine and separate your content from everything else that can be found online. With that said, being an influencer is something fun to do, and it definitely can be done from home, so if you’re creative and willing to put yourself out there, we definitely recommend it.

Key Takeaways

As the workplace dynamic continues to change, working from home is now something completely normal and possible. The same applies to starting a business from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the online world’s opportunities, there are numerous types of companies we can start and build without going to a physical location, hiring staff, or attending conferences. However, as with all kinds of businesses, the most important thing is to try and do something you enjoy, believe in, and are passionate about. If you have those three “ingredients,” success will naturally come.

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