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Video cameras as a metaphor for canonical links

The Ultimate Guide to Canonical Tags – Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to avoid duplicate content? If yes, then canonical tags are what you have to learn all about. They were created by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo and have been around forever (okay, since 2008). Their main job is to help website owners solve issues with duplicate content in … Read more

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Building WordPress Websites Doesn’t have to be Hard - A Step-by-Step Guide to Website Basics

Building WordPress Websites Doesn’t have to be Hard – A Step-by-Step Guide to Website Basics

Gone are the days when having a website was a big deal and only limited to big corporations and businesses. As time has progressed, owning a website is as easy as making an account on Instagram but requires a tad more professional knowledge and commitment.  There are a number of … Read more

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loading page,        quick loading,       b0049, slow loading website

Improve The Page Speed of Your Website & How A Quick Loading Time Helps

You shouldn’t underestimate the effect a fast-loading page can have on your business. Statistics show that even just a one-second delay in load time can lead to 11% decrease in page views 7% lower conversion rates This means that slow-loading websites can have a negative impact on your company. A … Read more

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The ball enters the goal net as a synonym for the website conversion

What is Website Conversion and How You Can Improve it For Your Business

If you’re starting an online business, you probably know that you will have to monitor a ton of metrics, one of the most important ones being your website conversion rate. By doing so, you will be able to monitor how effective your marketing is, whether a particular campaign is working, … Read more

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Birds representing website migration concept

How To Do a Website Migration Without Harming Your SEO

Are you planning a website migration? Do you dread the day when you will have to do it? If the answer to these questions was a resounding “Yes”, then you’ve come to the right place. Website migrations are always dreaded by any online business owners not just because they require … Read more

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Girl searching to find a website host

How To Find Out Where a Website is Hosted

At first, you might think it’s difficult to find a website host. In fact, the question “where is a website hosted?” can have a few different answers. That’s because hosting consists of a variety of different services. Sometimes all of them will be provided by the same company, but it’s … Read more

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Metaphor for hosting a website from home

How Website Hosting Works and What You Need to Know to Pick a Great Hosting Plan

Many young entrepreneurs often ask me: “What is web hosting and how does it work? Also, why do I need it?” Well, there are two ways to answer these questions. One is very simple and the other one dives more fully into the topic of website hosting. Today, I have … Read more

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person making a purchase at a store that uses ecommerce specialists to boost sales

What To Know About Ecommerce Specialists Before you Hire One

Ecommerce has changed the world for good and the change is here to stay. In recent years, ecommerce has skyrocketed in popularity, and the expansion to some extent was expected. Due to recent events, the industry has experienced a new high that left many businesses running to catch up. It’s … Read more

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Pigeon peeking as a metaphor for topic about how to show up in google search

Top Seven Reasons Your Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google

Wondering why your website still doesn’t show up on Google despite all your best efforts?
While the exact reason can vary, there is no need to panic since most of them are an easy fix.
Below, you will learn more about the importance of Google search ranking, the seven most common mistakes that can lead to your website not ranking, as well as some handy solutions you can implement for each problem.

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Coffee Shop tracking the Website Performance Metrics

Why Website Performance is Crucial for a Successful Local Business

You probably already know that Search Engine Optimization is the #1 most important practice to make sure your local business ranks as highly as possible in Google search results. What you may not know is that website performance metrics play a vital role in SEO.
In general, SEO is used for optimizing the online presence of a business and promoting its products or services by ranking it as high as possible when a generic search is made (such as, for example, “shoe repair shop”).

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