Young florist holding beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers

The Benefits of Having a Customer-Driven Distribution System

Any business can quickly change its advertising strategy, its prices, and even revamp its entire product line. Of all marketing decisions, the distribution channels are generally the hardest to change once they’ve been set up.

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Man shaking hands with female client after successful deal that started with Intro emails

Intro Emails: How to Introduce Yourself Properly

Simply writing intro emails to strangers is easy. But writing emails that actually get a response – well, that’s not an easy task. The typical templates for professional emails will get you nowhere. It’s likely that most members of your target audience have already seen them and won’t be interested in opening another message that’s just like the one they read three minutes ago.

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Group of people near the window using streamyard alternative apps on their phones

Top 10 StreamYard Alternatives

What’s StreamYard and is there a need for StreamYard alternatives? The world of streaming has grown substantially in the past few years, leading more and more people to question exactly what it entails.

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Three people talking about salesforce competitors

8 Salesforce Competitors and Alternatives for Small Businesses

In this article, we will go through some of the best Salesforce competitors; let’s get started!

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Networking experts at the business event gathering

Networking in Business – Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

Networking in business is an extremely valuable skill to have in both personal and professional environments, as all successful businesses depend on networking.

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Friends drinking coffee and chatting in cafe about how to chat for free online

Employee Communication App Alternatives That Let You Chat For Free

Communication apps are the most popular way to talk with your coworkers nowadays. In the office, they serve the purpose of a work-like iMessage, a way to share random thoughts, expert opinions, files, and jokes with your colleagues. With that said, having a good communication app can make life easier at a big corporation; it allows for information to be spread quickly and efficiently while at the same time making it easy to collaborate on files and tasks.

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Girl talking on the phone and using communication app on the laptop

Looking For a Great Communication App? Here are Our Surprising Picks

E-mails continue to play an essential role in the communication between employees, especially in giant corporations. However, in recent years communication apps that enable us to send quick, quirky messages to our coworkers have become more and more popular. In 2020, when the pandemic hit and the home office became our permanent workplace, platforms like Zoom and Teams made it possible for us to continue working together, even remotely.

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Can't Comment on Facebook Try These 10 Ways to Fix It

Can’t Comment on Facebook? Try These 10 Ways to Fix It

Picture this: your best friend posts a hilarious picture on her Facebook feed, and you’re stuck because you just can’t comment on Facebook. You’re a good friend and want to get her account engagement up, right? But right after you finish laughing at your own wit and press post, you’re … Read more

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Man using employee communication app as he walks

Top 15 Employee Communication Apps for 2022

It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a big corporation— the practice of good communication is vital for a healthy and positive work environment. It is important to make sure that all employees are in the loop with what’s currently going on. When everyone is on the … Read more

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